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Oh, this is really good so far. I usually only start finished games and only planned on playing a little bit just to get a taste, but it was so fascinating that I stayed up all night and blew through the released chapters.I really want to compliment the role-play aspect here; I decided to play a character who is resentful and has nothing but harsh words for Mathias, but whose actions betray his genuine desire to protect someone who used to be a friend. A character who deep down wants reconciliation. The game took my choices and absolutely knocked the characterization out of the park. It was super satisfying and I was very impressed by how well the game understood what I was going for.

Also the black and white aesthetic is very good and the music was fitting as well. I'm now very excited for the next chapters.

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Oh wow, this is a huge compliment! Thank you SO much for playing and for leaving this lovely review. ♥♥♥ I'm really glad you liked the characterization, and I'm even happier the choices helped you to play the character you wanted! :) I hope you'll like the next chapters too.

Also, I think I recognize your nick from Twitter *and Ko-fi. haha :3 Thanks a lot for all your support, you're a star! ♥


Oh this is soft ! I couldn't help it, I only played the part where the guard loves their king, I ship it ! 

hahaha aw! Thank you for playing and for your comment ♥


I really like the game so far! It's very cute and has a lot of feeling and work put into it! 

I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for your comment ♥


This game is most definitely a rare find. The story is uniquely compelling and I was so sad to reach the end of the 2 chapters. I feel like you can totally determine your relationship with any character to make them your favorite character. I tried to follow different paths using rollback or saving it to discover many more scenes because this is very vast game with a lot of consequences for your choices. The black white aesthetic is perfect for this story; maybe it's coz of the dark tale or the sad BG music but the whole vibe of this game is enchanting. I love this and can't wait for the other two chapters. My only complaint(well not really a complaint, more of a comment) is that in one of the CGs it seems that my MC looks like a guy even though I chose her to be a girl. Nothing against it, just an observation.


Yeah, I also noticed the MC have more of a male anatomy than a female or at least neutral one.

Thank you so much for all your kind words, and I'm so sorry for taking so long to answer you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, and I hope you'll like the next chapters too. :) ♥

Can you tell me in which CG you felt that? I tried to be very careful with the MC in the CGs cause I only have one image of each for now. I tried to make the MC look as neutral as possible in all of them, but if one of them still needs adjustments, I'll work on it. ;)


In some CGs that show the MC body with.... Less clothing.... I don't know how to explain exactly, but the waist looks like is too low, or too large, and that looks more like a male body anatomy. I'm really bad at biology so it would be better if you google *male and female waist*. If you could hide how they look, it would really help the body look neutral.

I'm really bad at english, sorry if you don't understand well.

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this game is AMAZING! the dialogue is so compelling, the characters are all facinating, the story hooks you in right away. the art is gorgeous too. if you like courtly romance and intrigue, i cannot recommend this game enough. i cannot WAIT for the next chapters!!!

Aww, thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters just as much. ♥♥♥


The way our behavior or personality affect and shape Mathias' characteristic is written well and pretty subtly. I chose the options that leading my guard to value discipline, control, and power while somehow still believe in and reassuring Mathias for some specific moments, but also teasing him as a friend. So mark me surprised that Mathias called my bullshit denial game and remind me who holds the power dang that's hot. I also just realize that the grey or unable-to-click options is actually telling why I can't choose it, not the requirement for it my guard is too proud ha ha-wait did I push Mathias to the violent monarch way oh shit

I like Mandra. They seems the most easy-going of the group, reckless but charming, and,,, they are also the youngest sibling. I can relate with their ambition to prove themselves.

The monochromatic style actually brings out an epic and wistful tone of the tale. It's also color blind friendly, I guess.

What are the Five Kingdoms? And how's Opalean relations with them, beside the war and current unstable peace with Topazian? Any other mythical races alongside human? As it will come in four chapters, I think it will be a fast-paced story and don't know if those questions will ever be answered.

*The Guard recalling that impromptu music performance*

The Guard : *sudden realization* did they just serenade me??

next chapter title : Love The King

The Guard : *whispering* I did, I do, and I will 

Thank you *so* much for your comment, and I'm *so* sorry for taking so long to answer it! y.y

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and... yeah, that scene can become quite spicy, hahaha! Considering the route you chose, that will definitely come back later on, so I hope you're prepared for it. *evil grin*


As for your questions, I promise to answer them all during the special event I'm planning for September. ♥ We're celebrating 1 year since the release of LtGBtK, and I'm preparing a lot of cool stuff + loads of lore since yeah, the first book won't cover much about that haha!

HAHAHA shoot, they did serenade your Commander, huh. I wonder what else they'll do... >8))))) awn, those two final lines ♥

PS: I'm so sorry to say, but Queen Yvana meant "My younger" instead of "youngest" after the Serenade totally not my fault a.a'

...Sorry. :( It's one of those terribly small typos that can change the story completely. Mandra still has a HUGE ambition to prove themselves, though, cause their little sister is... quite something. You'll meet Lady Melike in CH03, though Mathias and Mandra already talked a little about her in the Extra Story. :)


Hello! I wrote a super short comment earlier that I want to translate this novel... And here I am again! To begin with, I really respect the author of the novel for his work (Hats off, senorita), and I really enjoyed reading the chapters. I was really attracted to the story of a sexless knight who is constantly looking for adventures on his fifth point. I think I was able to get into all the characters (Except for Elias and Ivana, they are still in question for me), and every time the author threw jokes or a little drama, I laughed and wanted to cry.... and how I screamed when the main character started talking about sex with Mattias in the second chapter (I was in SHOCK), haha :D

What am I talking about.. I was so impressed (in a good way) with this novel that I decided to translate it into Russian :/ And now it can be played by people who do not know English well.... So.... Here is the link

Thank you for your work! Love you♡

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Hi! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, and that you had so much fun with it. :)

I needed some time to answer this comment because I was honestly pretty upset about it at first. I know your intentions were good, and that you wanted my game to be enjoyed by people who don't speak English, but this is not the best approach if you want to do something like that. Deciding to translate a game without the author's permission is not respectful at all.

I'm glad you liked my game so much and I appreciate the effort you put into this, but I'll ask that you please don't do that again without talking to me, all right? If you want to talk about fan translations, please send me an email at  :) 

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This truly is one of my favorite games! I think I've played it about 25 times since I first downloaded. The writing really is phenomenal. The sexual/romantic tension, undercut by a lifetime of pain and longing between MC and Mathias- it is just so good! 

I do have a quick question- how old is MC? I assumed they were the same age as Mathias, maybe a year or so younger, but at one point in the dialogue, they mention that they were seven winters when the queen was one and twenty. Since the Queen gave birth to Mathias when she was 25, that would make MC about 11 years older than him (about 39 at the start of the game). Is that accurate? I always saw them growing up together. 

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  • What's your favorite character?

To answer your questions, my favorite character is Mathias (I just love everything about him!) but Mandra is a close second. They both are such complex characters and I love the juxtaposition between the two siblings, their histories, personalities, motivations and relationships with MC. 

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

I did a bit of experimenting on the other paths (I did both Mandra and Mathias in the bonus story) but have overall stuck to the same path. I have such a hard time being mean/strict with Mathias!

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

I like the black and white aesthetic! I'm sure I'd still love it just as much if you decided to make it color, but it does make this game unique and adds to the atmosphere of the game.

  • Is there anything about the world of Five Kingdoms you'd like to know more about while playing?

My main question is in my original comment, but I have a few others! How old is Lady Melike? Also, are there other Dragon Commanders? 

I have many, many others (Was Elias always cruel? What happened to Murdoch? How did Mandra save MC? What made the Queen cold? When will Melike be back and what is her mission? How did Mathias "save" MC the first time and what happened at the academy? When did MC save Mathias from the assassin?), but I'm sure they are spoilers, and that we will find out in the game. :) Thank you for this wonderful game!!! 

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25 times!!! Oml, thank you for playing! I'm so, soo happy and so honored you like my game so much! ♥♥♥

And you're right. MC is supposed to be one year younger than Matt, and they grew up together (so, depending on the month MC was born, they'd be ~27)! :P 

I just scoured my code and found the dialogue you mentioned. It's in the first moments of chapter 1 if you follow The Destroyer archetype. It was a mistake, I'm sorry! i.i And thank you for pointing that out, I just fixed it. ♥ Here's how the line looks like now:

"It was funny to see an older woman pout and frown—even if she was barely three and thirty by the time I saw my seventh winter.""

So, Mathias was born in 8:18, when the Queen was 25, and MC in 8:19. 

I hope I didn't confuse too many players with that hahaha! :P

Also, thank you soo much for all your kind words and for your support. It means a lot to me that you're so attached to Matt, Mandra, and their world! ♥

Btw, you're probably one of my favorite people in *my* entire world right now! hahaha. Ok, I'm *elated* (I Thesaured this one cause I was using happy too much XD) by the number of hints you noticed and how much you pieced together already. Thank you for playing my game and for paying this much attention to it. You're an angel. ♥

For the Answers:

How old is Lady Melike?

In the present, she's 21, about to complete 22.

Also, are there other Dragon Commanders?

Yes! There's one per Kingdom, so five in total. They're responsible for the Royal Army and should always be ready to act as diplomats if needed. This is a very special title tied to how important dragons are for their culture, so it's often saved to real Heroes loved by the people and the nobility alike. In our society, it'd be like receiving a Nobel. XP

*looks at MC* (: 

*looks at Mathias* (((((: 

Yep... ahem. I'll tell more about them in-game too. ♥ You'll soon discover some of the perks of the title. >8)

Was Elias always cruel? 

No! He was once the perfect mix of a Papa Bear and a himbo, but <spoilers>. jgfughriduh I'm still not entirely sure if this will fit into the main game or not because of the pacing I want. If I notice it won't fit, I promise I'll write a short story about it cause it's <more spoilers>. ♥ Honestly, I could write a whole new game with this, cause <spoiler>, <spoiler>, and she just <spoiler>. :P

"How did Mandra save MC?"

This will only appear in the next book, which is shaping to be more focused on Mand. :3

What happened to Murdoch? What made the Queen cold? When will Melike be back and what is her mission? How did Mathias "save" MC the first time and what happened at the academy? When did MC save Mathias from the assassin?

These will all be answered in chapters 3 and 4. ♥♥♥

Thanks for your interest in the game and for all your support. I'm really happy you're enjoying this with me!



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This is the most satisfying story I've ever read on this site. Mathias is a gem (especially in the extra story, wowee, talk about a possessive 'friend'). But the narration, the illustrations, the music, the characters, the plot, the cute little notes to the readers at the end is all just, chefs kiss!

If anybody is reading this and wondering if it's worth giving this story a go, do it! I don't know why I waited so long. I'm kind of glad that I did in a way though, just so I can read the extra story and chapter two as well, heh.


Thank you so much! ♥ 

hahaha I'm so happy you're enjoying yourself. I hope you'll like the next chapters as well! ♥

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I'm so in love with your novel, it's a real gem. I've finally played chapter 2 and extra story today and that was amazing. I'm intrigued by the plot, the narration has proper pace, characters are delightful (MC is so easy to be associated with) and watching relationships development between Mathias and MC is exciting, you are going great depicting their bound. And Mandra...they are something! I wish they were a romantic option since I'm totally absolutely captivated by them *sigh*, Mathias is amazing yet Mandra...are infinitely gorgeous. It's almost a relief I don't have to choose between two of them (can't say I wouldn't like such an option, heh) :)) Anyway, just want to thank you for this amazing masterpiece, can't wait to discover more. 

P.S. Is it any way to obtain that stunning music piece performed by Mathias and Mandra? (maybe buy it somewhere?) I was totally amazed by the gorgeous heavenly sound, it's marvelous and I'd like to have this one in my private music collection to enjoy the masterpiece whenever I like ;))

Aw, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Btw, you *can* have a little taste of Mandra in the extra story, depending on your choices *evil grin* but yeah, they're not an LI in Book 1. .-.

The song Mandra and Mathias play is one of my favorites too! It's called "From the Vine," by Calico - The Samurai Gypsies. They have this song and a few others available for free (Under Creative Commons) on FB's creator studio. And if you want to read, hear, and see more about the band, here's their new site:

I'm glad you left this comment, btw. It seems they changed their site, so the link I have on my credits page in-game is outdated. hehe


Splendid! Thank you so much :))

Ooooh thank you so much for the update, Im excited to play 😍😍😍

Unfortunately, I can't play it right now, I keep getting the annoying "error 0x0000005 the application was unable to start correctly" which I don't understand because the old version worked just fine on my pc... 😭😭😭

Hii! :3 Oh, I hope you like it! Let's try to fix that issue so you can play it asap. :3~ 

Hmm. I did some searching here, and it seems this error might appear with any application, really, so it was just bad luck it happened to LtGBtK. It's really weird that the older version of the game worked, though. I didn't change much in the original programming. :'( But the fix seems to be simple enough, so don't worry! 

My first suggestion would be to try opening it as an administrator (right-click the game >> run as administrator) and to white-list it in the Antivirus you're using, since the antivirus might be trying to stop the game from running, for whatever reason. If that doesn't work, according to one of the Agents in the Microsoft Forum:

"Application Error 0xc0000005 (Access Violation) error is usually caused by your computer not being able to correctly process the files and settings required to run a particular program or installation. Despite the error showing when you try and use particular pieces of software, it has many different causes including faulty RAM problems, errors with the files of your PC, and issues with the settings of your PC.

In this case, we suggest that you check for corrupted Windows system files. System File Checker (SFC) is a utility in Windows that scans for corrupted Windows system files. If it finds a problem, it will try to replace the problematic system files from a cached version that’s on your PC.

To run System File Checker (SFC), follow these steps:

  1. In the search box on the taskbar, type command prompt, press and hold (or right-click) Command Prompt, then select Run as administrator > Yes.
  2. At the command prompt, type sfc /scannow (note the space between sfc and the /). Scanning will take a few minutes.
  3. If SFC finds corrupted files and replaces them, restart your PC and check if the issue persists.


Just a heads-up that the SFC might take a while to finish. On my computer, it usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. 

Let me know if that works!

Hello ! I can't believe I didn't answer at all, my apologies T_T Unfortunately, I couldn't play the game on my pc at all, it is too corrupt according to SFC buuuut ! I managed to emulate it on my phone instead, the experience won't be the same but it's better than no game at all
Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us, I can't wait for the next release :D


I am super excited to see it updated!

But only the title page updated? 

I just posted a new announcement! ♥♥♥ I hope you like the new update! i.i♥

Here's the link...


Ohhhh, side story. Fun. <3 

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This is so beautiful. I love the characters so much! Mandra is such a chaotic enigma, the moments with Mathias are so adorable. The mystery has gotten me hooked as well! Thank you for writing this!

Also that musical stand-off scene is p e r f e c t i o n <3

Ahhh thank you so much! ♥♥♥ I'm glad you enjoyed it. That scene is one of my favorites, btw xD ahahaha


Sorta not-so-low-key thinking about this nonstop since i played it last week. Wanted you to know.

  • What's your favorite character?

Near impossible question. Probably/definitely Mathias, although the writing makes it so easy to craft a realistic, likable player character. I have a bad habit of putting more into MCs than are probs supposed to be there, but in here it's more like I'm leaning into what is there instead, and i'm building onto it rather than having to go off the rails. Not sure if that makes sense, but know that i appreciate it. Also Mandra, not gonna say my favorite  (but not-not?), but so INTRIQUING. 

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

i've only done two plays so far, gonna do at least one more. Junius, my good little baby, just insecure about being a servant. And Idris, my bad baby, wtheck are they doing, in pain but kinda deserve it. Had to play Junius again after Idris, because i couldn't stand Mathias mad at me. Want to do a platonic one next, need to craft a best bro for my prince, he deserves it.

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

Honest i really LIKE it. Very story book, like i'm sitting just flipping through picture pages instead of burning my eyes on a screen. It's simple but stark, easy for my eyes to follow, not under or overwhelming. 

  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

Well, i'm not gonna say no? Having something at the end of each chapter is a treat so thanks for that. If you're talking about during the chapters, then i'm also not gonna say no, if there's a time when you think the colors would convey a feeling or atmosphere, then give me an impact, sledge-hammer me with feels. If that's not not what you were talking about then please ignore me. 


Awww! Thank you sooo much for playing and for leaving this comment! I'm so happy you're enjoying the game. ♥

You won't believe it, but YESTERDAY I was talking with a dev friend about the players' MCs in LtGBtK. I was really afraid that I hadn't given enough space for you all to create your own characters and to infuse them with their own personality... I really wanted to find a balance, you know? I don't want to give too much or too little? xD I want my players to feel really at home when playing, so I hope you still felt you had enough space to build your MCs! And Idris and Junius sound lovely auhieuaiueh ♥

In the next updates (we'll actually have an update this weekend with a lot more Mandra and Mathias + lore A_A♥), I'll try some stuff to make sure you all will have more opportunities to build your Dragon Commander.

I hope you'll like the next updates too! :) The colored sledgehammer-CG is a great idea, btw!

:* Ligia




*hugs* I'm so glad you like it so much ♥ ç-ç I'm working on more content for LTGBTK, we'll have an update soon! ♥♥♥

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very excited for more

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Hello, just finished the first two chapters last night and wanted to comment to say I really like what you've got so far. I appreciate your concept of one RO with a focus on the MC's character development, and how our choices impact that relationship over time. Oftentimes in many games there is an emphasis on the many interesting side characters and love interests, and while the side characters here are interesting too, the MC has their own character arc. The black and white aesthetic is nice  too. That along with the depth of the MC gives me the feeling of  reading an interactive novel, with illustrations. Looking forward to reading the rest to the chapters and replaying again with different choices.


I absolutely adore this game! I was uncertain at first but so glad I decided to play this. I like all of the characters, but I am glad to be able to customise the MC. I enjoy the black and white aesthetic but I love the coloured CGs too! Perhaps having a coloured CG at the end of each chapter? It has a lovely, finishing touch to it. Can't wait for the rest of the chapters :))


I did not know I needed this game until I played it. I love the art style, the MC, and especially Mathis. I just finished chapter two and I don't think I could have said no to him if I tried, he is so lovely and sweet. 

This game is a treasure in the making and I can't wait to see how it turns out. 

I must have gone a different route than you because I got a different impression of Mathis ^^; I suspect he tends to mirror how you treat him, to an extent >.> Regardless, he told me exactly what I needed to hear, just in time for the current content to end and leave me dying to see how things turn out :P


Cool game (I think very few people will argue here.). To be honest, I'm even interested in translating this game into Russian.


I'm really enjoying this so far! ^_^ The music you've picked goes really well with it too. So! Thoughts:

  • What's your favorite character?

Yvanna. It's hard to pick but Yvanna is easy to love, yes. 

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

I started with one path but plan on exploring the others on a different playthrough. 

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

Love it. I also like the slightly-sketchbook quality to it. Makes it feel a bit like a fairytale. 

  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

It'd be nice, but not at the expense of other things! The story and pacing is definitely what drives this. 

Ok, tried different options and also really love how they all fall together at the end of chapter 2. That was a big wham right there and I hope the following chapters follow up on that Decisions Matter bit. ^_^

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Ok..... dying to play more of this gorgeous story! I've played through twice (1x being very gentle/supportive/loving; 1x being pushy/frosty/slightly cruel)!!!  The music and art style are really so lovely! The piano piece in the garden scene/intro to Mandra scene completely reminded me of Sevdaliza's song "Shahmaran" (such a beautiful song and video...someone else confirm they sound a little similar at the beginning so I know I'm not going crazy!) And I loved the "dueling" fiddle-guitar piece the brothers did too.

I like looking at the backgrounds and your characters are really expressive.  NGL, but I also have a high-key infatuation with Mandra. Gughhh. I want to protect both of the siblings. Mathias is so precious too.

  • What's your favorite character? Ugh.... it's a toss up between Mathias and Mandra? I die when either of them blush.
  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path? Different options! I really like the variations you've built in to the game that I've been able to find so far!
  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?
  • Yes - it was very atmospheric and it almost makes me focus on the details more.
  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?
  • Sure, I don't mind either way! The art is really beautiful.

Adorei!! É incrível como você conseguiu dar tanta profundidade em apenas dois capítulos. E como nunca sei muito bem o que escrever nos comentários, vou responder as perguntas que você deixou :)

Isso vai parecer meio obvio, mas meu personagem favorito é o Mathias. Eu empatizo muito com ele, por lidar com os mesmos problemas de insegurança, consigo mesmo e até com os irmãos.

Só segui uma rota, a romântica ^^'

Adoro a estética de  preto e branco, dá um ar mais fictício, clássico, e eu acho que combina muito com o tema do jogo :)

Definitivamente adoro os CGS coloridos, mas também entendo que pode ser um pé no saco fazê-los por experiência própria, então eu não ficaria triste se você resolvesse começar a fazê-los em preto e branco :)

Alias, sempre fico muito feliz de descobrir sem querer obras de brasileiros, me enche de orgulho! <3


Firstly, while I did not think it was possible BUT you broke my heart in two chapters(so...thanks?). It was very well placed for as much drama and emotion that is laced in this story so far.

Like so many others I like the MC, and the relationship between "them" and Mathias.

I tried some different options experimenting and was impressed with the subtle differences that each choice builds upon. 

I like the black and white it adds to the drama of it all; and it is so rare now days. Perhaps just including them every now then as you feel the situation fits

Looking forward to more!


I am so glad I found this game. I love love love love this. I have never found such a great visual novel. I keep on going back in to see what the different options feel like even though we are only up to chapter 2. Thank you so much for making this. It is everything I needed, without even knowing I needed it. 



  • What's your favorite character?

I loved them all so much its hard to choose but I'm gonna go with the MC for now :) I loved the backstory and I'd usually feel like there wasn't much customization with the backstory or something (sorry I'm so bad at explaining :D) but this game jus made it feel right. I loved their joking around with Mattias especially, it def put a smile on my face. I also loved all the diff choices we had, it made the game feel a lot more personal

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

I followed one path (for now) since I just had one playthrough and I wanted to review this rn :D plus I didn't rlly wanna be mean to Matthias he was so cute :') but I really wanna try the other routes too

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

It was just- I loved it. it drew my attention to the writing more and plus the vibesss. I loved the aesthetic so much and it gave more allowance for the reader's imagination and stuff?

  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

I really liked seeing the colored CGs too, but I'd be perfectly happy with jus the black and white art.... like maybe a couple CGs would be nice? but I like the main game being black and white :)

So uh yeah :) all in all this game is jus amazing and I can't wait for the updatess


omg ok i love it so so so much it's just gorgeous 


Okay, prepare for me to gush. This game is amazing. I love everything about it - the writing, the characters, the drawing. The only thing I don't like is how torturous it is having to wait for each chapter to come out! Seriously, ugh! lol. It's proven to be worth the wait though. ;)

I love the minimalist 'sketch' style of the art in this VN. I dunno, it somehow just adds to the sort of dreamy, whimsical 'mood', as well as the originality of this VN - it wouldn't feel the same if it was colored, so I hope that aspect of it doesn't change. I feel like you've got something special with that aspect alone!

I also really love the characters in this, especially how you've developed Mathias in chapter 2. I already liked him in chapter 1, but now I feel like he's really matching up to our Knight Commander in character development, who was already brilliant. I love how the three personalities of the MC are so distinct, and different to experience. I'm also really interested to see how things go with Madras, both in terms of their 'intentions' towards our MC, as well as their relationship with Mathias.

Lastly, words can not express how much I love the dance of the relationship between MC and Mathias. It's so much fun to read. I'm enthralled! <33

I seriously cannot wait to continue reading this story. All the best for your work on this in future, and your life outside of it. :)


This game is so amazing I should not be playing it at every update bc I'm only left wanting more I should wait until it's done, but I can't help myself 

hahaha! Aw, thank you so much! <3 I'm glad you're enjoying yourself :D


This comment is gospel. Preach, sister! lol

Deleted 2 years ago

Aw, you'll make me blush i.i <3 Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback.

I'm super glad you had fun. I'm anxious too, and sometimes things get really complicated because of it, so I'm beyond happy my game helped you with that, even if just a little bit! <3

I hope you'll like the new update too! 


What's your favorite character?

The MC! I love how, no matter what choice we choose, they can always have such a strong voice.

Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

I tried the nicer path first because I thought the meaner/ruder options would just be hurtful but I was actually really pleasantly surprised by the interactions I found – yes, they were rougher but they were also super interesting (e.g. "You're mine) which made the more antagonist path my favourite, actually.

What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

Love it.

Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

Occasionally, as a nice contrast to the B&W aesthetic. 

Thank you soo much for playing and for your comment. 8D <3

I'm really glad you tried the other paths too. Part of the challenge in this story for me was to think of ways to make completely different outcomes/personalities depending on the MC's perspective of what happened... while still keeping Mathias and the MC  true to their core A_A' hahaha Thanks again. I hope you'll like the new update too! <3


I've recently finished playing this game and so far... it's been wonderful??? I really like how there's a bunch of choices and branching paths that I keep coming back to, not to mention the small and subtle changes you put in due to our choices. I really can't wait until it's out! 

  • What's your favorite character?

I think my favorite character so far would be the MC, particularly the one who's a bit rough around the edges and resents almost everyone. That's the version I found myself liking hahahaaa. But the rest of the characters were also nice, I found Matthias to be charming and The Queen to be quite interesting!

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path? 

I definitely tried out different options and routes and found how lovely it is that some choices did affect the way Matthias behaves early on. 

Also found some scenes that were surprisingly spicy which made me internally scream because OH BOY

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic? 

I think the black and white aesthetic is very pretty. I have no issues with that! I just wish that maybe you could possible put more contrast in within the backgrounds, such as inking the shadows and etc. I understand that the version you gave us was a demo and perhaps the BG, sprites and etc aren't the final version yet and that's why so much of the art is sketchy. Unless the sketchy art is part of the aesthetic and completely is your intention, then my bad lol. It's just that some people might get the impression that it feels a bit unfinished, if you get what I mean? 

  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

I wouldn't mind either way. On one hand, a pretty coloured CG is a good contrast to the overall black and white aesthetic of the game. On the other hand, it's a bit jarring to suddenly have a coloured CG popping out at the end, especially when the CG is a bit random like the one we get at the end of the demo. My suggestion would be to possibly try to give a CG that relates to the previous chapter? Like a CG of the final scene or something. 


Yes, there's definitely a lot I want to improve in the BGs and sprites (and I did improve *some* things--not all--in this new update), but I hadn't thought about what you said about the CGs, so thank you for pointing that out! :) 

Based on your suggestion, I'm now dividing the "additional" game art into CGs and illustrations. The second ones are the colored images, kind of a bonus gift for those who decided to play the game, while the CGs are, like you suggested, linked to what happens in the story :3 yay

Thank you SO much for playing and for your feedback! *-* I'm glad you enjoyed the branching choices and the different routes. <3


Ahhh, this game is so lovely.I'm really glad I tried the demo. Looking forward to updates :)

-Who was your favourite character?

Matias! Really amazing writing to make him seem so different across the various paths and still seem like the same person underneath

- Did you try different choices?

Yes :) I don't think all of them but quite a few..

-What did you think of the black and white aesthetic?

It's what caught my eye. It's so elegant, like a storybook. Very fitting for for the characters and setting.

-Would you like to see more coloured CGs?

Yes, from time to time. It made for a lovely contrast..


I loved your game sooo much! It is amazing, I am eagerly waiting for more)

  • What's your favorite character?

The MC, but really, all of the characters are amazing.

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

Yes I tried different options and liked how it influences the story.

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

I like it, it is beautiful and atmospheric.

  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

The cg is very beautiful, but I also like black and white version. I will not mind either way I guess)


Ohhhh I can't wait for more! I loved chapter one, and I really look forward to seeing where this could go!

  • What's your favorite character?
    • The Knight, because I look forward to customizing them further! But also the queen.
  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?
    • I followed the one path for now! Gonna try more :)
  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?
    • I love it! I think the text box needs to be a little darker, otherwise, I love the black and white, and sketchy aesthetic to the game! 
  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?
    • Please! They would be a lovely contrast to the black and white - symbolic in a way!

Have to say, by the end I was like: what do you mean it's over? It can't be over...So I tried all the combinations I could think of and some of them are spicy *fans self*. I hope that particular path won't start straying into non-con cause it's tiptoeing a line and doing it well so far (I'm probably overly sensitive to that sort of matter). But overall, I want this to continue cause each route (even the "evil" one which I hardly ever like) is interesting.

  • What's your favorite character?
    • I actually enjoy the Knight the most. I look forward to shaping them and getting to know more of 'our' past with Matthias. Plus I really like how you can be sarcastic as hell and have this fre-enemy relationship.
  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?
    • I think I've tried most of them. Well that turned into romance scenes anyway...
  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?
    • Don't mind it. Firmly in the neutral zone honestly. Writing matters more to me than aesthetic.
  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?
    • Yes, cause it was pretty. And made it pop out more. Not saying the whole thing needs to be colored, but as a nice treat? yes.

This is amazing so far! The storytelling, characters, and the art style have all grown on me so quickly :) It's great that there are so many options for the story to go (including the kind of person Mathias becomes and what the knight's relationship with him is like) I can't wait for more!

  • What's your favorite character?
    • More than any individual character, I love the interactions between the knight and Mathias! I don't normally have a weakness for childhood friends-turned-lovers stories, but this one punched me in the gut then helped me up and took me out to dinner
  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?
    • I tried going through a few times with different options, and the differences the choices make, even in the beginning, are incredibly jarring and different enough to make the consequences clear. I'm not a person who likes being surprised with sudden unexpected endings or given choices that are only vaguely different but have huge impacts, so I enjoy this particular aspect.
  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?
    • I personally love the art style! The black and white coloring shows facial expressions more clearly and poignantly, and it feels more .. candid? For lack of better word
  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?
    • Despite what I just said ^ yes, yes I would... I'm in love with all of the art in this game
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I am so glad I stumbled upon this amazing (and it's only the first chapter) game! I'm looking forward to seeing how my choices will shape Mathias as a person and as a king.

  • What's your favorite character?
    • Mathias, ofc! Can't wait to explore all of the options with him! I love a good royal/protector romance.
  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?
    • Ugh I just hate being mean to people (yes, even in games) so I normally don't, but the other choices are just too enticing to not explore. So I have one save each for the (1) kind King route, (2) violent King, and (3) ruthless tyrant. Gawd, the fluff in (1) and the tension in the others! "You're mine" "Do not provoke me" "I am the only one allowed to touch him" GAH moar pls.
  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?
    • I love it! It's what caught my eye among the sea of other thumbnails tbh. I've always had a weakness for this style. As mentioned, it's not often seen in games like this so it's refreshing.
  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?
    • Sure, but I'd still love it even if it's just the b&w! Not to say that I didn't like it--because I did, it was BEAUTIFUL--the colored CG was a v nice bonus indeed, and some people prefer them. I really love the b&w though, and I don't mind if we get only a few or no colored CGs at all!

So TL;DR: everything was A-MA-ZING, and I can't wait for Chapter 2! Really, this is so incredible I can't stop using myself from using exclamation points!

Awww, thank you soo much for playing and for your amazing feedback. You made my day! 

I feel that way about the mean options too, hahaha! I'm SO happy you mentioned it. And I'm glad you found them enticing. *evil grin* 

Thanks again ♥


Two words: holy f*ck! I can't wait for more of this story! The relationship between the M/C and Mathias is so compelling. 

  • What's your favorite character?

Excluding my M/C (because the way you've written their dialogue is amazing), Mathias is my favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing his personality develop more.

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

I tried several paths, although I'm not sure if I've gotten all of them.

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

I quite like it. It's unique and it adds charm to the game.

  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

I wouldn't mind them. I am a sucker for black and white, but the end CG was quite pretty.

Side note- your writing is amazing and I'm definitely going to check out your Wattpad.

Oh wow! Two of my favorite words, hahaha! :3

Thank you sooo much for playing and for your feedback. You have no idea how happy I am to know you liked the MC and Mathias!

I can't wait to see what you'll think of the next chapters. And thanks again <3 Hope to see you on Wattpad too! :)


I can't wait for more! I am a sucker for stories involving a prince and knight! I really liked seeing the dynamics change between us. 

  • What's your favorite character?

The queen, for sure, especially because she gave me cute nicknames. Mathias is adorable though. 

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

I did try the different options. It was nice going back to see what choices got blocked because of my previous decisions. It was really fun to see the dialogue changes and how the relationship was getting shaped from the decisions that I made. I'm a completionist at heart. 

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

I like it-I don't usually see a black and white aesthetic. 

  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

I would if it's not inconvenient but I also really like the black and white. So, I guess, your call.  The CG at the ending was really pretty.

Thank you soo much for playing and for your amazing feedback! <3 I'm glad you're liking the game and having fun with the different options hehe.

Can't wait to see what you'll think of the next chapters. *evil grin*

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