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Two children raised together. One, a future King. The other, his whipping boy. 
Their relationship? It's up to you to develop.

MATHIAS’S HEART HAS BEEN bleeding since his father, the former King, decided to punish you for his mistakes. As the youngest child of a lesser bourgeois, you were raised in the castle, between the King’s cruelty, the Queen’s friendship, and Mathias’s kindness (or supposed kindness?).

Now, more than twenty Carnivals since your arrival, the King is dead and the Queen’s sickness worsens each day. As the azure taint spreads in the kingdom and the Opalean Wars come to an end, it’s Mathias’s time to sit on the throne.

Will the docile Prince become a kind King, a violent Monarch, or a ruthless Tyrant? Will you have any say in it? And how much will your relationship change?

Develop your personality, see how your choices build, and change your bond with Mathias.

It’s time to help him choose. Will your monarch Love the Guard or Be the King?


  • ~57k words (3 out of 4 chapters developed + 1 Extra Story)
  • Black & White aesthetic
  • 6 black & white CGs + 2 colored illustrations
  • One Love Interest with five possible types of branching relationships, non-romantic options included.
  • Possible romantic rendezvous with other characters while in Mathias’s friendship route.
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly + representation (you can choose your gender and your relationship with Mathias)
  • Age suggested: 16+ for non-explicit sexual scenes, some soft swearing, and violence.
  • If you donate $4.99 or more, you'll also receive the 2022 Artbook, filled with lore and more information about every character in the game! ;)

About the game:

This game is my first prototype. I'm trying to see if I can give you the freedom to build your relationship with a character while also deciding how you feel about your past and present. 

Our experiences (and the way we feel about them) help define who we are, so, in this game, I'd like you to decide yours—and to face whatever consequences come with that choice.

This story will have 4 chapters. :) Right now, you have 2 out of 4 chapters + 1 Extra Story. If you want to support the development of LtGBtK, please consider leaving comments, following me, and sharing it with your friends! :)

You can also support me via ko-fi where I'll post more constant dev updates, lore, and extra content. :)

  • AGE SUGGESTED: 16+ for erotic nudity and non-explicit sexual scenes.

Main Characters:

Mathias Jan Yvanson (LI) - The Crown Prince - 28 - He / His 

  • You and Mathias were raised together. As you grew up, he would often read for you, treat your wounds, and he honestly thought he was protecting you while your whole life went up in flames.
  • Mathias is the future King of Opala, but something seems to be missing, and you’re not the only one who sees it. With Mathias being the target of a ravenous court, it’s up to you to give him the guidance and answers he needs—or to sit back and watch as the flames get higher. He may seem innocent and good, but there’s an underlying layer of guilt shaping his personality. Will you enforce it, break it, or use it in your favor?

Mandreis Jay Yvanson - The Grand General - 26 - They / Them 

  • Mathias’s sibling and the-child-who-didn’t-have-a-whipping-boy. Like you, Mandra was also a victim of King Elias’s punishments, and it shows in the many scars they carry.
  • Everything Mandra does has a reason, and no matter how reckless, rude, or violent they may be, you can be sure of one thing: they’ll have Mathias exactly in the place he should be, one way or another. Mandra was once the child who ran after you and Mathias. Today, they’re the Grand General of the Opalean Forces, and the symbol of everything that could’ve gone right—but didn’t. Their intentions? Not even the Goddess knows.

Queen Yvana Jal Yvanson - THE Queen - 53 - She / Her

  • The Queen was the one responsible for bringing you into the Castle, decades ago. She used to be sweet and good while you were growing up, but something changed and nobody knows exactly what. Now, as the Azure Taint consumes her, Queen Yvana seems to slowly go back to her former self. Be careful, though. Her gentle countenance hides secrets that go much beyond the black cherry wood forming her crown.

Doctor Helena Filtchen - The Spymaster The Royal Doctor - 56 - She / Her

  • Brutal when needed, incisive when asked, and always paying attention. Some people might think her long-lasting, romantic relationship with Queen Yvana left her too soft to keep acting in the shadows, but Dr. Filtchen is always ready to prove them wrong.
  • She’s now focused on studying the Azure Taint and on finding a cure. If she’ll find it in time or not, that’s another story.

Master Mercurio - The Great Arcanos - ??? - He / Them

  • Nobody knows exactly where he comes from, but “Master Curio,” as Mathias has always called him, is possibly one of, if not the most powerful Arcane Mage in all the Five Kingdoms. Nobody knows why or how Master Curio chooses their students or how many they are, but he is in Opala now to train Mathias—and he better not waste the opportunity.

… And YOU! - The Dragon Commander

  • Child of a lesser bourgeois, you were raised in the Castle with everything a royal child could have—plus a painful coating of scars that mask your back, arms, nape, and face.
  • Build your own Dragon Commander, your relationship with Mathias and the others, and discover the past that binds you all, so you can stir your present in the direction you want… and maybe decide the future of the entire kingdom.

About the dev:

Watty-award winner, writer, game dev, and Illustrator. I write in English & em Português também!
Hi! I’m Ligia Nunes, and I write sci-fi and fantasy diverse and inclusive books filled with romance and humor.
I believe in justice, love, feminism, and equal rights for everyone.
If you’re like me, then my books were written especially for you. You’re one of us now; welcome to the family! ♥ If you’d like to read my books, head to My Profile on Wattpad.

Did you enjoy the game?

If you enjoyed yourself, please consider leaving a comment telling me what/if you liked the game or maybe just share it with a friend! <3 Donations are also appreciated, but spreading the word helps a lot too! :3

Don't know what to tell me? Well, here's a few questions:

  • What's your favorite character?
  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?
  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?
  • Is there anything about the world of Five Kingdoms you'd like to know more about while playing?
Updated 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(427 total ratings)
AuthorLigia Nunes
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Fantasy, Meaningful Choices, Medieval, Narrative, Ren'Py, Romance, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


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 Just did my first run and even created an account, so far I'm impressed. I'll try a few different choices later, but so far choices have been frequent, made sense for the characters and didn't leave me wanting for different options, I'm a bit bummed about not being able to tell on Mandra, but oh well...

 I don't mind the black and white aesthetic and the frequent art shots (scenes or whatcha call it) mere then make up for the lack of colour. I do want to point out that the art style is quite charming.

 All in all a great VN! But If I could ask one thing, MC has long hair cos of the queen, will we be able to at some point chooses to cut it? Idk why that's the thing I'd love to see, but it is.


I just finished my first run, now to play it like 3 more times.


So i had been playing this game for about 5 hours and there was this choice i couldnt get no matter how many different choices i get it was the 'Be obedient' and i couldnt press it cause my MC was always to proud any tips would be great or i might spend the whole week fixated on this

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi! Thank you so much for playing the game! I'm glad you're enjoying it. ^^ That scene at the end of CH02 changes a little bit depending on your MC's archetype/personality. That option only appears to the Ruler archetype. It's supposed to be always locked to show that your MC just can't bring themself to be obedient to Mathias (yet) hehe ^^ <3 There are similar options in the other routes too, but for different aspects of the MC's personality. If you want to play other archetypes, you can get the Seeker archetype (sweeter MC) from the first choices in the menus, while the Destroyer (outspoken MC) options are often in the middle. Each archetype has a different ending in CH02. :3


This is such an amazing story, i was sooo invested!! no wait, I AM so invested!!! like seriously the characters are amazing, the story is super interesting, the art is georgous! 

Thank you soo much for your amazing work!!







i really hope that the second part of chapter 3 comes out :0 IT WAS JUST ALL TOO GOOD AAAAHGGHGHAGHGDGHS i'm gonna go feral

it's a really nice change from all of the Visual Novels i see! the posibility of choosing how you feel of most things, the incredible artwork, the way the story is seriously unique, it's all just too amazing!! The extra story was great too!! I honestly hope to see a future update :)

thank you for this incredibe Visual Novel!!


I made an account just so I could leave a comment lol, I really love this game and the character's you've created! I'm so excited to see where this goes in the future (though I'm very new to using itch.io so I literally have no idea how to navigate this site lmao). I love all the LGBTQ+ representation too, super nice to see :)


I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Gnossienne in your wonderful work. You have chosen the music perfectly for the story. The storytelling style, musical accompaniment and graphic performance are all very sophisticated and harmonize perfectly. Thank You for sharing your amazing work.


This was such an amazing game! I just kinda wish Mandra was a possible love interest lol. I am so excited for the other chapters/updates! I love the story and the angst so far. Thank you devs for creating such a lovely game <33

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it ♥ And I do have plans for Mand after this game, so I'm extra glad you liked them so much. >8))) It's just me, one dev, though haha

Oh my god, i really hope you're resting then! Don't pressurize urself for games especially because its just you, really surprised bc its an amazing game and doing it all by yourself is an accomplishment 😭 Thank you again, and really?? I'm so happy about the plan for Mand :D


This was a fun play! I really enjoyed it. I got a good little kick out of the use of "Battle of Trees" - Tori Amos instramental during the flashback of the feast before the war. it felt very fitting, and naturally, I had to go listen to the song on spotify after.


Aaa, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing. ♥♥♥ Oooh, and I didn't know that one! Now I'll have to listen to that song too, hehe. ♥ I'm using Erik Satie's Gnossienne; it's one of my faves!


Just played through a bunch of times and absolutely love the game! I can't wait to see what's next! Amazing job dev <

Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed it <3


Just played through the whole game and I Love It!!! Honestly it's such a wonderful story and world you're crafting here!! Keep up the beautiful work but of course take care of yourself as well <3 <3 <3


You're so sweet, thank you so much! I'm super glad you enjoyed the game. <3

Mal comecei a jogar e já ouvi aquele sambinha tipo século 19 rs... como faço para a versão em português brazuka?

Hahaha ♥ assim que eu terminar o jogo e editar o texto eu vou fazer toda a tradução! ^^ 

Seja como for vc está de parabéns!!!! Te desejo todo o sucesso do mundo e vou esperar por sua próxima história, tomara que seja da nossa mitologia... mudando de assunto, vai ter alguma versão em que se pode jogar como o rei deste jogo? Abraços!!!

Aaa, muito obrigadaaa! ^^♥ Eu trabalho bastante a mitologia Brasilieira nos meus livros, que se passam todos no Brasil (passado ou futuro)! Se você quiser dar uma olhada, estão todos aqui: https://www.wattpad.com/user/LigiaNunes E você não pode jogar como o Mathias, mas tenho algumas histórias curtas escritas no ponto de vista dele no meu Kofi, se estiver curioser! haha https://ko-fi.com/ligianunes


Muito legal!!! Parabéns!!!!


I love this game! The writing and pacing thus far is fantastic, and I adore how complicated the characters themselves are, as well as how complicated the relationships between characters are. I am patiently impatient while waiting for the next update!


I really enjoyed this story so far but i wonder if one of the early choice i made about me seeing Mathias as a friend instantly took away all the romantic chances. Would be a bummer if so since i didn't want to rush it lol.

Also is there a date where you plan on releasing the next chapter?


This game had my heart the moment I started playing. I'm in love with both Mandras and Mathias (But Mandras can take my whole heart.) I can play this game more than once and still want to keep playing.

And I had fun trying the different choices I'm looking forward to what's to come in the future!!! 💕


This game was amazing I'm looking forward to the full version.


I love the game. My favourite is Mandras, I just love them


the game will have an translation to portuguese? im a brazilian and i just LOVED this congrats 4the good and hard job 

Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. ♥

MENINE, mas é claro :3 (sou BR tbm, heh ♥) Eu pretendo terminar o jogo todo primeiro, editar o texto e depois fazer a tradução! *3* 



aahhh tão feliz em saber disso

ansiosa pelos próximos capítulos 

também li uma de tuas historias no watt me apaixonei pelo teu estilo de escrita ,

Beijinho da miau ♥

♥♥♥ ahhh você fez meu dia aqui! Muito obrigada por ler meu livro e por jogar LtGBtK! *--* ♥


this was so fun to play! i llve your writing and how realistic the relationship between Mathias and Y/N are!


Ahhhh this was so fun. I really liked the game's atmosphere. Interestingly, my favorite character was the main character. At first I wanted to play as a really understanding MC to let the romance go smoothly, but I found myself enjoying it more and more as their feelings and relationship got more and more complicated.

Mandra was so much fun too. The description makes them sound shady but I just can't help but trust them. Their short story made me completely fall in love.  And the dynamic betweeen them and MC and Mathias was SO GOOD. So fun. The love-triangle-but-not-really vibes where utterly supreme. I never thought I liked complicated relationships between characters but it seems I do. 

The art is super interesting.  I've never seen a game with such art before, but I like it. It suits the atmosphere. So much fun overall!!

(4 edits) (+5)

I really enjoyed the demo. I played a Kinder MC at first who didn't blame Mathias for their past and it was all very sweet. After, I played an MC who whilst still in love with Mathias was also still angry and traumatized by past events and I really like how the (romantic) relationship differed between the two routes. Especially their alone time after the feast. 💕

Mathias was my favourite, but I really liked the side characters we meet and also how your personality can even change how they react to you. I still need to figure out how to unlock some of the CG's as I'm missing a few but I really look forward to the full release.

Also, I've never played something like this in black and white but it really worked for the game and I liked the aesthetics of it.

There's not much more about the world of Five Kingdoms I need to know just yet, the game hints at some things and does make me curious about others - I do hope we get to see more hints of the MC's past, maybe even how Mathias felt about the way they were whipped in his place. (I am a sucker for hurt/comfort and angst, but I do enjoy the soft fluffy parts that makes up for the sadder moments.)


Thank you so, so much for playing and for your comment! I'm really glad you liked it so much and that you enjoyed all the differences between the relationships! ♥

I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters as well! ♥♥♥


I really really really love this game. I discovered it today and literally played 8 hours... all the possibilities, the relationship between the characters.. the WRITING is amazing. (the angst, the romance, the feelings aaaah)

BUT I'm desperate, I unlocked 7 of the 8 CGs and cannot seem to find how to get the 5th (a colored one?) someone help me I'm going crazy ahaha


Oh wow! hahaha Thank you soo much for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much! ♥♥♥ 

Oops. CG#5 will be locked until the next chapter because I accidentally removed the line that unlocked it x.x I've already fixed the code, but the CG won't be available until the next update... still, you can see it in this post on my Tumblr, so you won't have to wait. :D


(3 edits) (+3)

i think i have awake something forbidden inside me. i really like to make people beg. oh well i love this game so muvh.i also bully Mathias so much too.


This game is incredible! Lovely writing and I love the relationships between the characters. I haven't finished quite yet, but I will soon. Mathias is probably my favorite, though I love Mandra as well. I really wish you could have a romantic relationship with Mandra if you're not in one with Mathias. Though I did just notice in the description it said you could have rendezvous with other characters while in the friend route, so I'm definitely going to have to try it! I also didn't think I would like the black and white aesthetic, but I have to say it fits really well with this game and makes it even more unique than it already is. I can't imagine it any other way. Thank you for your lovely work and time and care put into this game!


Mulherrrrrr esse jogo parece ser maravilhoso, mas assim, eu nn tenho computador ent vc planeja fazer ele próprio pra Android ou vc sabe de algum jeito (q talvez alguém na msm situação q eu usou e te contou) pra jogar ele no Android??


Is there a maybe chance this will be on Android ??😬😬

(2 edits) (+2)

I absolutely adore this! I would have never found it if it wasn't for a recommendation in my feed! I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. I adore your writing and characters so much! I don't want it to end, but I'm looking forward to the next update!! Please respond lol

Edit to answer your questions:
- Mathias and MC are my favourite for sure!
- I've only played one route so far
- I LOVE the black and white aesthetic - it's so cool
- I still haven't finished the game, but I'll let you know when I do!


This has been on my play later list forever and I've finally got to play the game and let me tell you: I regret I haven't done this sooner! This is so, so lovely! I love how you set up the opportunities to create different dynamics between characters and how convincing and natural all of them feel, even though the vibe is very different!

The story has such a great flow and thought-out feel and I'm really really curious as to how it will end.


Wow! Love the characters, love the wordbuilding here!

Also I really really liked the different ways the relationship between the Dragon Commander and Matthias could go. So far, I've only tried the 3 variations of the romance route. At first I tried a gentle DC, and then I was pleasantly surprised at how Matthias turns out when doing an angrier or more controlling DC. Ahem. *fans self*

Looking forward to future updates and to how all the choices will affect future events. Thanks!


LMAOO PLS I WAS SURPRISED TOO pleasantly,, ahem ANYWAY shit was willllld and im sure every lil diff combination brings out a diff mathias SO I THINK U STILL HAVE MORE VERSIONS OF MATTIE


Now you guys have got me extremely curious lol. Off two do another playthrough. Can't wait for the final product!

(1 edit) (+5)

I absolutely adored playing this game!!!

WAIT--as a afab nonbinary person I have to say that binding with bandages/tape is very unsafe!! I think thats the only irk I have with the game


yea, im nb too and bind but ig mandra doesnt have any safe binders given their time,, madra's jus like me fr </3


Where to even start! The way this story is being told is beautifully done, first of all. It flows so naturally from past to present, from anger to sadness, from suffocating pressure to eerie openess.

The use of music and sounds is especially beautifully done. That scene with the whip crack noises made me flinch more than once while I had to ponder options.

That alone is justification enough to love this, but oh, it just gets better! The world building isn't shoved in your face all at once, and nor is it so empty and barely there that it may as well not exist at all. It's just the right amount at just the right times. Then, the cherry on top of the frosting on top of this cake- the characters!!

To say I'm in love with all of them is becoming rapidly true as I write this. Mathias is so interesting to me. The way he views the commander-- me in this case-- and how it plays into how he goes about things is so intriguing. I end up going along with being a tad angry at him, and I believe I ended up on the friendship path (for the time being). You can tell he has so much to say. So much is just in that head of his that he's always considering, always trying to come up with solutions too. He either can't say some of it due to his status, or he won't say it because of his status. I feel like he genuinely cares for me but then the constant reminder of his position, of what he can become, of what he is to become, it just makes me think.....maybe he's not as kind as I think. It leaves me guessing!!!!! It's so fun.

Then there's Mandra. Oh sweet beloved oh so hot and powerful and sexy Mandra. I'm not gonna lie the moment I had any chance to be Mandra I was all over it. Mandra is SO fun. A force to be reckoned with, who dismisses the idiotic nobles and all their weird traditions and hang-ups on appearance. Not to mention, the inherent bond I felt I had with them. The pain we shared, that only we will ever really understand, gives a solid foundation to our relationship, which is close no matter how it ends up being spun I bet. We became comrades in a war that tore me in two, and we continue to be as such, despite not seeing one another for 3 whole years. But.....Mandra knows that they can't protect me. Their force and brute strength does nothing in a battle of papers and words and emotion filled glances. It does nothing to keep me safe from the court that seems so intent on ripping the rug right from beneath my feet. Mandra can protect me physically, but.....nothing can exactly fight off words without dire consequences to such actions. They know this and remind me of this, wanting me to be safe and happy, notably, with someone who isn't their older brother. I have to say I see their point entirely.

Alas, we come to the adoptive Mother turned tyrant, turned gentle yet wise Queen. The beginning where it described how she played dress with me, how she let herself be vulnerable and more child-like near me, it pained my heart. To think that she had to confide in little ol me, who was probably still reeling from all the things happening in that damned palace, it made me feel deeply for her. I could feel the kindness in her actions, the trust she showed me by being vulnerable to me when I was much younger than her. I do see her as a mother figure, maybe not one who was particularly close with me, but one who could be a shoulder to cry on for me, if the situation called for it. At the same time, I feel distant from her. I know she's not my real mother, I know she busies herself more with Mathias as she wishes him to be kind, and probably worries over Mandra who's always out at battle and who has only just returned. I feel.....shelved, in a sense. The real children before the one she dragged to take punishment for her son in. It hurts, especially when I consider she knew what the late king was like, and still thought it was pertinent that someone take his wrath, when I think she should've overthrown his ass the moment he got violent. Traditions be damned in that sense. It's a rage that I direct silently at her, because I don't know what will happen with her, and I still am fond of her, despite the hand she played in taking my ragdoll body and setting it on fire. I can't imagine what she was like when she was more forceful like the late king, just the thought of someone so nice to me turning in the man who ruined my body and soul makes me wanna scream and cry and throw up. As she gets gentler, and perhaps considers me once again, outside of her cooing to her little harpy, I hope she shows me that everything has been genuine this whole time, and that she knows im a person and now a piece on a board to crown her son king.

Her lover, the great Doctor and spymaster herself, I absolutely adore. A stern and strict woman who takes no one's shit and will absolutely not have a had in dealing the shit unless it's needed. Her constant strong and ever-present personality is comforting in this cast of people who have so much to hide or say, with only so few words to say them. It's nice seeing her driven on healing her lover, seeing her not waver in her duties despite the dire times, and to still make time for the others of the small circle of people she serves and allies herself with. I can't wait to see what all that spymaster magic gets us in the last few parts of this story, honestly. I hope her and the queen can live much longer than what is fated for them.

Then the ever elusive Master Curio! Oh, they baffle me to no end. What does Curio want? Why teach Mathias? Why humor that weirdly timid yet prideful man? Does Curio need something? is this just a whim of their's? I don't even know. I love Curio, despite the unknown motives and possible danger that lurk in those hundreds of years they've seemingly lived. They're kind to me, and helped me not get caught easedropping, so for the time being, I see them as an easygoing and laid-back ally. Perhaps Curio will be integral to what I want done, to what I need to do, or to what becomes of me. I just hope whatever the circumstance, curio is on my side.

Then we've got my loyal second in command, Valencia! Oh, she's drop dead gorgeous, I have to say. I have full faith and trust her. Reading her dialogue just made me feel like I was chatting with a best friend, despite the formal speech and environment. She felt so cozy to be around, different to the Mandra cozy, but similar in how it's formed through fighting alongside one another, I think. She seems like a lantern that will never die out, so long as I ask the lantern to be by my side. She's so quick to aide me and only shows hesitance when it's for my sake. My lovely second-in-command. I want more stuff from her soooo bad.

This game is SO interesting and I hope there's at least a little erotic holding of swords to people who've harmed and healed me so I can release all this welled up emotion I have as the mc of the game. I have SO many feelings. I WANT more of this story soooo bad. I wish it wasn't just gonna be four chapters, I'd play a 3 day long vn of this world. I genuinely would!

Thank you so much for this lovely story, it's sooo good. <3


i don't have it in me to elucidate what this game did for me so i'll just say uhh.. you know what maniepanie52 said? comment right below me? ditto. while that experience is, as i just discovered, unfortunately no longer accessible to me (i now have a brother named mathias and that shouldn't matter but due to some personal baggage it's apparently too fucking weird for me ALSO WHY DID U NAME HIM THAT LMAO i need to know now and im gonna go trawl old posts to see if it comes up somehow. uk he's the patron saint of alcoholics? ik cause my mom. and not bc she's christian... if u catch my drift) i remember it fondly and it deserves commemoration. keep up the good work, my guy (or don't! that's ur prerogative). 


omg this has to be the most beautiful game available on this website. i feel like i experienced the full range of human emotion during my playthrough. the characters are amazing - i grew attached to even the smallest side-characters. the writing is absolutely gorgeous, the relationships and feelings around them feel so real. i would die for so many people in this game sklhjlkdhf the plot is so interesting, the world is full and complete. LtGBtK owns my entire soul.


I loved everything with a burning passion omg.


every time i remember this game (i feel like i played it back last year at some point but i cant remember when) im overcome with emotions for at least a day because the pining in this game is so fuckin delicious, i am feasting like a god, bone apple teeth

(1 edit) (+2)

love this game so much like omg. the art, the story, the music its all so good! love Mathias as well, i think his character is very well written

had a question tho, there are scenes when mc is alone with Mathias and i was just wondering what the music playing is called? ive looked in the about section and looked up all the songs but i cant seem to find it


a scene, with this song playing, that i can remember from the top of my head is 

when mc is recovering in their bed after Flitchen discovers the illusion magic and Mathias is visiting them

if anyone knows the name pls let me know :) 


Hello there! ♥

I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for playing. ♥♥♥

If it's the song right after MC wakes up, it's "Twelve Spanish Dances, Op.37 - Arabesca" (guitar version)
But if it's the song playing while MC and Mathias talk, it's "Between Worlds" (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter http://dig.ccmixter.org/people/tobias_weber Ft: (Smiling Cynic).

Both are amazing, you have great taste haha :))

thank you so much!!


 The music, writing and art are all elements incredibly pretty on this game. I also liked the way the main character is portrayed, I wouldn't use the specifically word "honorous", but it became obvious that there is a heavy sense of duty, to the point of giving up personal desires in order to accomplish tasks. The others characters also are so brilliant! I loved the contrast between Mathias and Mandreis, they are brothers but seems to live each on their own world. While Mathias is a future-to-be-king, Mandreis is more down to earth. 

 Oh man, I simply adored this game from start to end of chapter 3. The conection you have with the other characters kind of make you feel like you really are there as you read. The fear, hate, love, sense of duty along with other elements, certainly gives life to a more real world, one that does not rest upon the fairytale of "and they lived forever happy". If there's a sequence to this title, I'll love to play it! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful game. 


Awwn, thank you so, so much for leaving this beautiful comment! I really hope you'll enjoy the next chapters too... and the next games, because I'll absolutely continue making them, haha!

Thank you for playing!


OMG THIS GAME IS DEFINITELY IN MY FAVORITE LIST RIGHT NOW!!!! this is beyond my expectation. and i loveeeeeee it so much. the words, the story writing, the sexual tension, all of them are exceedingly brilliant. i don't know what I can say more, but I really enjoy this game. thank you for having created such an amazing story <333

Aaaaa! Thank you so muuch! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. ç-ç Thank you for playing!

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