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every time i remember this game (i feel like i played it back last year at some point but i cant remember when) im overcome with emotions for at least a day because the pining in this game is so fuckin delicious, i am feasting like a god, bone apple teeth

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love this game so much like omg. the art, the story, the music its all so good! love Mathias as well, i think his character is very well written

had a question tho, there are scenes when mc is alone with Mathias and i was just wondering what the music playing is called? ive looked in the about section and looked up all the songs but i cant seem to find it


a scene, with this song playing, that i can remember from the top of my head is 

when mc is recovering in their bed after Flitchen discovers the illusion magic and Mathias is visiting them

if anyone knows the name pls let me know :) 


Hello there! ♥

I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for playing. ♥♥♥

If it's the song right after MC wakes up, it's "Twelve Spanish Dances, Op.37 - Arabesca" (guitar version)
But if it's the song playing while MC and Mathias talk, it's "Between Worlds" (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter Ft: (Smiling Cynic).

Both are amazing, you have great taste haha :))

thank you so much!!


 The music, writing and art are all elements incredibly pretty on this game. I also liked the way the main character is portrayed, I wouldn't use the specifically word "honorous", but it became obvious that there is a heavy sense of duty, to the point of giving up personal desires in order to accomplish tasks. The others characters also are so brilliant! I loved the contrast between Mathias and Mandreis, they are brothers but seems to live each on their own world. While Mathias is a future-to-be-king, Mandreis is more down to earth. 

 Oh man, I simply adored this game from start to end of chapter 3. The conection you have with the other characters kind of make you feel like you really are there as you read. The fear, hate, love, sense of duty along with other elements, certainly gives life to a more real world, one that does not rest upon the fairytale of "and they lived forever happy". If there's a sequence to this title, I'll love to play it! Thank you so much for making such a beautiful game. 


Awwn, thank you so, so much for leaving this beautiful comment! I really hope you'll enjoy the next chapters too... and the next games, because I'll absolutely continue making them, haha!

Thank you for playing!


OMG THIS GAME IS DEFINITELY IN MY FAVORITE LIST RIGHT NOW!!!! this is beyond my expectation. and i loveeeeeee it so much. the words, the story writing, the sexual tension, all of them are exceedingly brilliant. i don't know what I can say more, but I really enjoy this game. thank you for having created such an amazing story <333

Aaaaa! Thank you so muuch! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. ç-ç Thank you for playing!


OK SO IM BACKKK i literally spent all my time trying different options and lord.. the moment i think i discovered all the routes A NEW ONE UNRAVELS like bruhh.

im honestly in love w this game and mathias, i hope the queen lives and marries helena i'll be devastated if she dies :(((

their expressions and the way everyone's feelings are conveyed is.. arcane

you, my dear creator are INSAAAAAANE how'd you even come up w this?? this is truly terrific i cant get enough of it

i honestly CAAAANNNt wait for matt's coronation i wanna see what a kind king he'll be and ofc.. what a tyrant lmao BUT ANYWAYYY im exCITED

my fav character is obv matt, he's a sweetheart i love him sm

i really was abt mand i hope theyre happy but what they said.. made the hair on my neck STANNND 

if you make future games i'll deff play, and im obbbbv gonna check your wattie im sure its amazing<3

i hope youre doing okay!! never push or strain yourself

happy pride<333


Thank you sooooo muuuuch! ç-ç This is such a beautiful comment, I ç-ç 

I'm super glad you enjoyed my game, I'll work hard to make the next chapters (and games) even better. Thank you for playing! ♥♥♥


here i am again!!! i missed this game sm <33 i would SELL MY SOUL for u my beloved dev. i can't even put in words how much i love this game ABKSNBKND IT'S FR MY FAVE GAME <3 i hope that means something lol

vfxdkghrbfliuh You're the sweetest, aaa ç-ç Thank you so much for playing and for this beautiful comment! 

It means the world to me ♥ and I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters too!


I am amazed when MC personality definitely locks out some of the options like!!!! What!!!! Wizardry!!! Is!!! This???? And the way Matt reacts differently to different MC. I am definitely in love with this VN fr.



SAhiueha! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And if you like Mand that much, you might enjoy the next chapter... *evil grin*

hahaha thank you for playing! ♥


Completely in love with this game! The art is absolutely beautiful and the writing is phenomenal. I'm so glad I found this. Thank you for continuing to develop this amazing game!

Thank you soo much for playing and for your comment! I'm so glad you're enjoying the game ♥♥♥

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I really like this game. 

It's like in every playthrough, we're actively seeing the growth and change in Mathias depending on our choices. 

Since we can only romance him, I decided to go all in,  its where Matt kinda falls out of love almost with his Dragon Commander it seems, probably because of that route, I made the D.C. pretty disgusted with him, thought Matt needed disciplining, didn't believe in him, etc. But he still "loved" Matt. 

So, this Dragon Commander belatedly realized his toxicity and recognized he wanted Matt for real, no games, but Matt has had enough and was like, basically warning his (ex?) that if he didn't get his act together for real, no bs'ing, they were done. Because he was bored of them childish games. And I was saluting Mathias in that moment, because yes, baby, tell him! I know you're likely gonna be a tyrant Matt, but you won't let anybody push you around anymore haha!

My second favorite playthrough is where the Dragon Commander is once again kinda iffy about Mathias, mainly thinking he's a spoiled prince and too delicate for the hard work. That it'll be tough shaping him up into a respectable king, but he wasn't outright doubting him....mostly. Anywho! I played this character more of a tsundere-ish type kinda, it felt like. He wanted Mathias to stand on his own two feet and be strong but he also really, secretly not so secretly, pined for Mathias. So it was probs more of a one-sided rivalmance. I loved in one scene, Mathias forced the Dragon Commander to kneel when he popped off, and I got flashbacks to the first scene where he says he'll make the Commander kneel, and I was once again was screeching incoherently. This is looking to be the Violent Monarch path. 

Wooooo, I think I'll be writing about this couple once the game is complete because the tension between the Dragon Commander and Matthias is glorious.

Aaaa, I loved your comment, haha! Thank you so much for playing! I'm super glad you're enjoying LtGBtK so much. If you do write about them, let me know! *-* I'd love to read it! ♥♥


Pspspsps game cmon go to the amazing collection.

10/10 unique art. Detail in story. Even an idiot like me understood the story quickly. My cat liked it. 

Honestly keep it up buddy it looks good and i think the full version would be perfect for the human eye! Like cmon good storytelling, art and details who doesn't love it!

Aww, thank you so much! I'm super glad you and your cat enjoyed it haha! :3 Thank you for playing. ♥


The angst, the angst! I love how you can customize your relationship with Mattie and simultaneously push him away and have the story react to that. Thank you for this wonderful story! 


I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Thank you for your kind comment and for playing. ♥


The writing is superb


Thank you! ♥


OMG this game is wonderful! 10/10! 

Reading, music, drawings ... ♥♥♥

I just finished Mathias's romance (kindness) route and he's so sweet (and he needs a bear hug urgently ^^) 

Greetings from Spain


Aww, thank you so much for playing! ♥ I'm so, so glad you enjoyed it. 8D I hope you'll like the new chapter as well! ♥


Please just keep writing it. So beautiful... Not just a game, a masterpiece of work.


Aww. Oh my, your comment just brightened my pretty complicated day, so thank you! :')) I'll definitely keep writing! 

BTW, if you want to read a short excerpt of the next chapter, you can check it in my ko-fi here!


Glad to her it! (´ω`♡) 

Oh, I visited your Ko-fi already, but didn't see it! Thank you, thank you! This story impact me greatly and deeply.

Wishing you good day! 


Hi from france ! I just wanted to leave a review because this game is so cute and wonderful. I really liked the relationship between these characters and honestly can't wait to see the next chapters! also a big thumbs up for the art, it's really beautiful :) you did a great job for this game (and i hope it won't be your last! XD) 

Salut! ♥ Aww, thank you so much for playing and for leaving this sweet comment. I'm super happy you enjoyed the game so far. And don't worry, I intend to make many more games after this! hahaha :) ♥♥♥


I enjoyed the demo. I look forward to get more updates about the game 

I'm so glad! Thank you for playing. ♥♥♥


I am greatly enjoying the game so far! It is beautifully written that it pulled me into playing all the way through in one go. I cannot wait for the next chapter! 

Everything about this game is amazing, the art, the writing, and the characters. I want to know what secret Mattias is hiding, it seems so heartbreaking. I especially enjoyed Mandra, and I am super excited to learn more about them!

Hello there! Thank you so much for playing and for leaving this lovely comment. I'm really glad you're enjoying the game! ♥♥♥


Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU and that I'm enjoying the game SO much. Mandra and Matthias are just my dating-sim types and I finished both rutes so far and omg loved it! 

Aww, I'm so glad! Thank you for playing and for leaving this lovely comment! ♥ I'm celebrating 1 year of LtGBtK, so if you'd like to read more about Mandra and Matt, you can check my Tumblr or my Ko-fi. ♥♥♥

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Hi there! I stumbled upon this game today by sheer chance, really, and I found myself compelled to play! And wow, I really enjoyed it a lot, and I can't even tell if it's "more than I expected to" or if it is "just as I expected to". I KNEW I would like this game, but at the same time,  I really didn't know what to expect from it, so it leaves me so confused (but very pleased regardless!).

Since you made lists of questions to answer, both for the main game and the Extra Story, I will answer these and then complete my feedback with whatever wasn't encompassed by these!

Base questions:

  • What's your favorite character?

Well, it's hard not to love Mathias, so I guess it would be him. Interestingly enough, I would have expected Mandra to be my favorite, but somehow their brother beats them. It's not Mandra being less to my liking than I thought, though, but Mathias being more to my liking than expected. I also really like Valência, even if she isn't an important character! She may even be my second favorite, somehow. That aside, I like the main character a lot, even if I would have a hard time figuring out where they stand compared to other characters, with how the player shapes their personality to an extent.

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

Only one path. While (as opposed to strictly text based interactive fiction) I DO play more than one "route" in most visual novels, in this case I couldn't NOT go for Mathias' romantic path, and well, since I want to always have the same main character, regardless of romance, I could not change their personality or outlook on things.

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

I love it! But I don't think it's exactly BECAUSE it's black and white, and rather regardless of it. Though that isn't accurate either, since it implies black and white should be worse than fully colored. The truth is I simply don't care either way, as a rule of thumb. I guess it's because I read a lot of mangas, so yeah, black and white is pretty usual for me, and I mostly see the art-style and that kind of stuff rather than the colors or lack thereof. At least, I can say the art-style fits the black and white aesthetic a lot. So the end result is gorgeous!

  • Is there anything about the world of Five Kingdoms you'd like to know more about while playing?

Not exactly at this point. Like, there are things I'm not sure I understand well, but that seems intended with how the narrative is structured - things to be revealed at a later point, bit by bit... Well, no, maybe just... What IS the "Dragon Commander"? Obviously it's the MC, but that's WHO they are, not WHAT. I'm curious about why that title, and what does it entail exactly.

Extra Story questions:

  • Did you enjoy having a more intimate look at your Dragon Commander's past? Should I make more of this type of thing or nah?

Yeah, I liked it a lot. It helps in knowing little details about the MC, and how they were before the events that seemed to truly change them. It's a good example of well placed showing instead of telling, basically. A bit of exposition about how they all were back then would work, sure, but seeing it, playing through it... The impact is bigger.

  • What was your favorite and least favorite thing about this update?

I'm not the best placed person to answer since I played the entire thing in one go, having discovered the game only now. Now, generally speaking, I really like the way you write more intimate scenes. Like, yeah, at this point "nothing" truly happens, even implicitly, but they have... that kind of beauty. Like, they are very delicate and enchanting? These are the best words I can find! Now, I find your style very beautiful overall, anyway. It's hard to put into words, really - beautiful is the best word. I think it has to do with the rythm of the narration. Very slow, very vague, with information coming very slowly, things becoming clearer here and there, new mysteries and question showing up too...  It's both very epic and very quiet and appeasing.

And there was nothing I disliked, so... If I was actually following updates per se, maybe I could have answered that part but as it is... yep, only positives.

  • Which character would like to learn more about?

The main character! So yeah, basically, I want to know more about what happened to them, their past, their family... And Valência because she's a very secondary character so we know sooo little about her! Obviously I can't really tell any specific thing I'd like to know about her since I know almost nothing to begin with.... AAAAH WHY DO I LIKE HER SO MUCH???!!!

  • Do you feel you're having enough space to create your own Dragon Commander? 

Hmm yes? But you're talking to a person who largely prefers to have a main character who is their own person, with only some player input into their psyche, behavior and so on. So while this game has the perfect balance to please my tastes, I don't know what other people may have to say. My go-to requirement is: "either have a MC who is a fleshed out character and leave little to player input, or leave EVERYTHING to player input, with dozens of choices to back that up". Basically, I don't like the "in-between" where it feels as if the player should have full agency over the MC, only to be lacking in term of choices afterwards. Since it doesn't fall in this in-between, I'm happy!

Well okay, with both lists of questions answered, I don't think I have a lot to comment on anymore. Good music choices? But that's it I think!

I DO have a question, though!

So, I like the way the choices work - how they either shape the protagonist's outlook on / approach to things, or their dynamics with the various characters, in terms of relationships. Generally speaking, it's all pretty clear and neat. 

But with that being said hmm... how to phrase it... Let's say I did play games that actually revolve around a simple system, but where there IS a "good" and a "bad" way to play. Meaning that while the system is simple and the choices easy to interpret, the player actually has to balance their stats and choices, because some playstyles (for example being always as nice as possible or as mean as possible) are not viable - you'd have to balance nice and mean reactions. In these games, you'd get a bad ending (sometimes even a game over) if you don't balance things "correctly". 

And, as I'm sure you figured out at this point, I was wondering if that is the case in this game? The setting, style, etc, remind me of some of these games, so I'm naturally wary and I prefer to ask. If it IS the case, that won't deter me from playing, eh! It's just that it's a thing I prefer to know beforehand! Not going to lie though, I DO hope it's not the case and that I'll be able to continue playing selecting the generally nicest / softest answers, because I enjoy this so much! <3

Anyway, I think that's truly it now!

You really created a little gem here, and I'm excited for more!


Hi, Konoi! 

Oh wow. This is the most detailed feedback I've received for this game, and it gave me such great insight. Thank you for taking the time to write it! ♥♥♥ I'm really really glad you enjoyed the game, and I'm so happy you liked Knight Valência! You'll know more about Val and your Commander's relationship in the next chapter. I hope you'll like her even more! mwahaha >8) 


About the Dragon Commander title: September is LtGBtK's first anniversary, and I'm planning a lot of stuff to celebrate. Part of it is to answer the players' questions with the characters in the cast, so I can have Knight Valência answer this one for you if you want. ;) ♥♥♥

And about your question about good/bad endings: Don't worry, there's no right or wrong in this game, and there won't be good/bad endings. ♥ I'm an avid VN player, so I know exactly what you're talking about hahaha! But I always felt sad every time I got a bad ending/game over just for picking the choices that felt more aligned to my play style or to the character in my head, so I left the "wrong" choices out of this one. You can choose and build your Commander in any way you want. :) 

What CAN happen is that your choices can unlock hidden/secret scenes that are very hard to get. Sometimes they are sweet (like a soft scene for The Destroyer archetype—the thorny choices in the middle—in CH01), and sometimes they can be dangerous (like a rather violent fight scene with Mand in CH02). But even in this second case, you'll know when it's coming, cause I made sure to add a lot of choices in this scene, so you can stop things before they get too bloody. xD hahaha 

Again, thank you so much for your feedback and for playing! I hope you'll continue to enjoy the game and its universe. :* ♥


Thanks for your answer! Glad to hear any playstyle is "valid"!

And about that - "so I can have Knight Valência answer this one for you if you want." - sure! Thanks! <3

And glad my feedback was helpful! It's always fun to write my thoughts about a game!


A lovely game with a great potential. The style is fine too, even if feeling a bit sketchy (which, I assume, because of the early version). There were two problems to me though. First, the presentation. The action is pretty intense, but the way it's presented makes it feel slow, as if the action was always 'too late'. Something should be done about it, I think, because it can become a real pain as the game nears completion. Second, the main character. While the drama is strong and logical, the character isn't that convincing, as a person. Moreover the understanding of the character comes gradually, the player makes assumptions about who he's playing and then those assumptions prove to be totally wrong, the character suddenly does something they weren't supposed. The choices the player makes don't really help to shape the character, they all are about the drama in general, not the person. The same goes to all characters, just to lesser degree: the player has to make assumptions about them, as if he knew them, while in fact knowing nothing about them, this knowledge comes much later, which makes the player stumble every second scene.. All in all it surely needs some work on characters development, particularly introduction.

Hope reading this was worth your time. Keep the good work!


Hi! Thank you for your thorough review. Oh, I agree about the art assets; they are still something I'm working on (in fact, I have a release scheduled for later today that will replace most of the sprites and part of the UI), so the next versions will look a lot better hahaha.

I understand my game won't be the best match for everyone, but the elements in the narrative/pace/the character arcs are what I intended them to be. It's meant to be a more introspective experience of slow discovery of aspects of the plot, characters, and the MC's BG, rather than focusing on action—the whole plot of the game happens in 4 days but takes into account almost 30 years of history, so it's meant to have good chunks of reflection about the past! This is all part of the experience I'd like to offer to my players. As for the choices, I believe the way we decide to look at our past and the events around us helps to shape who we are as much as our actions, and that's one of the concepts behind the game.  Introspection and reflection are definitely strong in this one!

Again, thanks for playing and for sharing your thoughts!


Oh, this is really good so far. I usually only start finished games and only planned on playing a little bit just to get a taste, but it was so fascinating that I stayed up all night and blew through the released chapters.I really want to compliment the role-play aspect here; I decided to play a character who is resentful and has nothing but harsh words for Mathias, but whose actions betray his genuine desire to protect someone who used to be a friend. A character who deep down wants reconciliation. The game took my choices and absolutely knocked the characterization out of the park. It was super satisfying and I was very impressed by how well the game understood what I was going for.

Also the black and white aesthetic is very good and the music was fitting as well. I'm now very excited for the next chapters.

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Oh wow, this is a huge compliment! Thank you SO much for playing and for leaving this lovely review. ♥♥♥ I'm really glad you liked the characterization, and I'm even happier the choices helped you to play the character you wanted! :) I hope you'll like the next chapters too.

Also, I think I recognize your nick from Twitter *and Ko-fi. haha :3 Thanks a lot for all your support, you're a star! ♥


Oh this is soft ! I couldn't help it, I only played the part where the guard loves their king, I ship it ! 

hahaha aw! Thank you for playing and for your comment ♥


I really like the game so far! It's very cute and has a lot of feeling and work put into it! 

I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for your comment ♥


This game is most definitely a rare find. The story is uniquely compelling and I was so sad to reach the end of the 2 chapters. I feel like you can totally determine your relationship with any character to make them your favorite character. I tried to follow different paths using rollback or saving it to discover many more scenes because this is very vast game with a lot of consequences for your choices. The black white aesthetic is perfect for this story; maybe it's coz of the dark tale or the sad BG music but the whole vibe of this game is enchanting. I love this and can't wait for the other two chapters. My only complaint(well not really a complaint, more of a comment) is that in one of the CGs it seems that my MC looks like a guy even though I chose her to be a girl. Nothing against it, just an observation.


Yeah, I also noticed the MC have more of a male anatomy than a female or at least neutral one.

Thank you so much for all your kind words, and I'm so sorry for taking so long to answer you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, and I hope you'll like the next chapters too. :) ♥

Can you tell me in which CG you felt that? I tried to be very careful with the MC in the CGs cause I only have one image of each for now. I tried to make the MC look as neutral as possible in all of them, but if one of them still needs adjustments, I'll work on it. ;)


In some CGs that show the MC body with.... Less clothing.... I don't know how to explain exactly, but the waist looks like is too low, or too large, and that looks more like a male body anatomy. I'm really bad at biology so it would be better if you google *male and female waist*. If you could hide how they look, it would really help the body look neutral.

I'm really bad at english, sorry if you don't understand well.

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this game is AMAZING! the dialogue is so compelling, the characters are all facinating, the story hooks you in right away. the art is gorgeous too. if you like courtly romance and intrigue, i cannot recommend this game enough. i cannot WAIT for the next chapters!!!

Aww, thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the next chapters just as much. ♥♥♥


The way our behavior or personality affect and shape Mathias' characteristic is written well and pretty subtly. I chose the options that leading my guard to value discipline, control, and power while somehow still believe in and reassuring Mathias for some specific moments, but also teasing him as a friend. So mark me surprised that Mathias called my bullshit denial game and remind me who holds the power dang that's hot. I also just realize that the grey or unable-to-click options is actually telling why I can't choose it, not the requirement for it my guard is too proud ha ha-wait did I push Mathias to the violent monarch way oh shit

I like Mandra. They seems the most easy-going of the group, reckless but charming, and,,, they are also the youngest sibling. I can relate with their ambition to prove themselves.

The monochromatic style actually brings out an epic and wistful tone of the tale. It's also color blind friendly, I guess.

What are the Five Kingdoms? And how's Opalean relations with them, beside the war and current unstable peace with Topazian? Any other mythical races alongside human? As it will come in four chapters, I think it will be a fast-paced story and don't know if those questions will ever be answered.

*The Guard recalling that impromptu music performance*

The Guard : *sudden realization* did they just serenade me??

next chapter title : Love The King

The Guard : *whispering* I did, I do, and I will 

Thank you *so* much for your comment, and I'm *so* sorry for taking so long to answer it! y.y

I'm glad you enjoyed the game and... yeah, that scene can become quite spicy, hahaha! Considering the route you chose, that will definitely come back later on, so I hope you're prepared for it. *evil grin*


As for your questions, I promise to answer them all during the special event I'm planning for September. ♥ We're celebrating 1 year since the release of LtGBtK, and I'm preparing a lot of cool stuff + loads of lore since yeah, the first book won't cover much about that haha!

HAHAHA shoot, they did serenade your Commander, huh. I wonder what else they'll do... >8))))) awn, those two final lines ♥

PS: I'm so sorry to say, but Queen Yvana meant "My younger" instead of "youngest" after the Serenade totally not my fault a.a'

...Sorry. :( It's one of those terribly small typos that can change the story completely. Mandra still has a HUGE ambition to prove themselves, though, cause their little sister is... quite something. You'll meet Lady Melike in CH03, though Mathias and Mandra already talked a little about her in the Extra Story. :)


Hello! I wrote a super short comment earlier that I want to translate this novel... And here I am again! To begin with, I really respect the author of the novel for his work (Hats off, senorita), and I really enjoyed reading the chapters. I was really attracted to the story of a sexless knight who is constantly looking for adventures on his fifth point. I think I was able to get into all the characters (Except for Elias and Ivana, they are still in question for me), and every time the author threw jokes or a little drama, I laughed and wanted to cry.... and how I screamed when the main character started talking about sex with Mattias in the second chapter (I was in SHOCK), haha :D

What am I talking about.. I was so impressed (in a good way) with this novel that I decided to translate it into Russian :/ And now it can be played by people who do not know English well.... So.... Here is the link

Thank you for your work! Love you♡

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Hi! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, and that you had so much fun with it. :)

I needed some time to answer this comment because I was honestly pretty upset about it at first. I know your intentions were good, and that you wanted my game to be enjoyed by people who don't speak English, but this is not the best approach if you want to do something like that. Deciding to translate a game without the author's permission is not respectful at all.

I'm glad you liked my game so much and I appreciate the effort you put into this, but I'll ask that you please don't do that again without talking to me, all right? If you want to talk about fan translations, please send me an email at  :) 

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This truly is one of my favorite games! I think I've played it about 25 times since I first downloaded. The writing really is phenomenal. The sexual/romantic tension, undercut by a lifetime of pain and longing between MC and Mathias- it is just so good! 

I do have a quick question- how old is MC? I assumed they were the same age as Mathias, maybe a year or so younger, but at one point in the dialogue, they mention that they were seven winters when the queen was one and twenty. Since the Queen gave birth to Mathias when she was 25, that would make MC about 11 years older than him (about 39 at the start of the game). Is that accurate? I always saw them growing up together. 

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  • What's your favorite character?

To answer your questions, my favorite character is Mathias (I just love everything about him!) but Mandra is a close second. They both are such complex characters and I love the juxtaposition between the two siblings, their histories, personalities, motivations and relationships with MC. 

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

I did a bit of experimenting on the other paths (I did both Mandra and Mathias in the bonus story) but have overall stuck to the same path. I have such a hard time being mean/strict with Mathias!

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

I like the black and white aesthetic! I'm sure I'd still love it just as much if you decided to make it color, but it does make this game unique and adds to the atmosphere of the game.

  • Is there anything about the world of Five Kingdoms you'd like to know more about while playing?

My main question is in my original comment, but I have a few others! How old is Lady Melike? Also, are there other Dragon Commanders? 

I have many, many others (Was Elias always cruel? What happened to Murdoch? How did Mandra save MC? What made the Queen cold? When will Melike be back and what is her mission? How did Mathias "save" MC the first time and what happened at the academy? When did MC save Mathias from the assassin?), but I'm sure they are spoilers, and that we will find out in the game. :) Thank you for this wonderful game!!! 

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25 times!!! Oml, thank you for playing! I'm so, soo happy and so honored you like my game so much! ♥♥♥

And you're right. MC is supposed to be one year younger than Matt, and they grew up together (so, depending on the month MC was born, they'd be ~27)! :P 

I just scoured my code and found the dialogue you mentioned. It's in the first moments of chapter 1 if you follow The Destroyer archetype. It was a mistake, I'm sorry! i.i And thank you for pointing that out, I just fixed it. ♥ Here's how the line looks like now:

"It was funny to see an older woman pout and frown—even if she was barely three and thirty by the time I saw my seventh winter.""

So, Mathias was born in 8:18, when the Queen was 25, and MC in 8:19. 

I hope I didn't confuse too many players with that hahaha! :P

Also, thank you soo much for all your kind words and for your support. It means a lot to me that you're so attached to Matt, Mandra, and their world! ♥

Btw, you're probably one of my favorite people in *my* entire world right now! hahaha. Ok, I'm *elated* (I Thesaured this one cause I was using happy too much XD) by the number of hints you noticed and how much you pieced together already. Thank you for playing my game and for paying this much attention to it. You're an angel. ♥

For the Answers:

How old is Lady Melike?

In the present, she's 21, about to complete 22.

Also, are there other Dragon Commanders?

Yes! There's one per Kingdom, so five in total. They're responsible for the Royal Army and should always be ready to act as diplomats if needed. This is a very special title tied to how important dragons are for their culture, so it's often saved to real Heroes loved by the people and the nobility alike. In our society, it'd be like receiving a Nobel. XP

*looks at MC* (: 

*looks at Mathias* (((((: 

Yep... ahem. I'll tell more about them in-game too. ♥ You'll soon discover some of the perks of the title. >8)

Was Elias always cruel? 

No! He was once the perfect mix of a Papa Bear and a himbo, but <spoilers>. jgfughriduh I'm still not entirely sure if this will fit into the main game or not because of the pacing I want. If I notice it won't fit, I promise I'll write a short story about it cause it's <more spoilers>. ♥ Honestly, I could write a whole new game with this, cause <spoiler>, <spoiler>, and she just <spoiler>. :P

"How did Mandra save MC?"

This will only appear in the next book, which is shaping to be more focused on Mand. :3

What happened to Murdoch? What made the Queen cold? When will Melike be back and what is her mission? How did Mathias "save" MC the first time and what happened at the academy? When did MC save Mathias from the assassin?

These will all be answered in chapters 3 and 4. ♥♥♥

Thanks for your interest in the game and for all your support. I'm really happy you're enjoying this with me!



(1 edit) (+1)

This is the most satisfying story I've ever read on this site. Mathias is a gem (especially in the extra story, wowee, talk about a possessive 'friend'). But the narration, the illustrations, the music, the characters, the plot, the cute little notes to the readers at the end is all just, chefs kiss!

If anybody is reading this and wondering if it's worth giving this story a go, do it! I don't know why I waited so long. I'm kind of glad that I did in a way though, just so I can read the extra story and chapter two as well, heh.


Thank you so much! ♥ 

hahaha I'm so happy you're enjoying yourself. I hope you'll like the next chapters as well! ♥

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm so in love with your novel, it's a real gem. I've finally played chapter 2 and extra story today and that was amazing. I'm intrigued by the plot, the narration has proper pace, characters are delightful (MC is so easy to be associated with) and watching relationships development between Mathias and MC is exciting, you are going great depicting their bound. And Mandra...they are something! I wish they were a romantic option since I'm totally absolutely captivated by them *sigh*, Mathias is amazing yet Mandra...are infinitely gorgeous. It's almost a relief I don't have to choose between two of them (can't say I wouldn't like such an option, heh) :)) Anyway, just want to thank you for this amazing masterpiece, can't wait to discover more. 

P.S. Is it any way to obtain that stunning music piece performed by Mathias and Mandra? (maybe buy it somewhere?) I was totally amazed by the gorgeous heavenly sound, it's marvelous and I'd like to have this one in my private music collection to enjoy the masterpiece whenever I like ;))

Aw, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Btw, you *can* have a little taste of Mandra in the extra story, depending on your choices *evil grin* but yeah, they're not an LI in Book 1. .-.

The song Mandra and Mathias play is one of my favorites too! It's called "From the Vine," by Calico - The Samurai Gypsies. They have this song and a few others available for free (Under Creative Commons) on FB's creator studio. And if you want to read, hear, and see more about the band, here's their new site:

I'm glad you left this comment, btw. It seems they changed their site, so the link I have on my credits page in-game is outdated. hehe


Splendid! Thank you so much :))

Ooooh thank you so much for the update, Im excited to play 😍😍😍

Unfortunately, I can't play it right now, I keep getting the annoying "error 0x0000005 the application was unable to start correctly" which I don't understand because the old version worked just fine on my pc... 😭😭😭

Hii! :3 Oh, I hope you like it! Let's try to fix that issue so you can play it asap. :3~ 

Hmm. I did some searching here, and it seems this error might appear with any application, really, so it was just bad luck it happened to LtGBtK. It's really weird that the older version of the game worked, though. I didn't change much in the original programming. :'( But the fix seems to be simple enough, so don't worry! 

My first suggestion would be to try opening it as an administrator (right-click the game >> run as administrator) and to white-list it in the Antivirus you're using, since the antivirus might be trying to stop the game from running, for whatever reason. If that doesn't work, according to one of the Agents in the Microsoft Forum:

"Application Error 0xc0000005 (Access Violation) error is usually caused by your computer not being able to correctly process the files and settings required to run a particular program or installation. Despite the error showing when you try and use particular pieces of software, it has many different causes including faulty RAM problems, errors with the files of your PC, and issues with the settings of your PC.

In this case, we suggest that you check for corrupted Windows system files. System File Checker (SFC) is a utility in Windows that scans for corrupted Windows system files. If it finds a problem, it will try to replace the problematic system files from a cached version that’s on your PC.

To run System File Checker (SFC), follow these steps:

  1. In the search box on the taskbar, type command prompt, press and hold (or right-click) Command Prompt, then select Run as administrator > Yes.
  2. At the command prompt, type sfc /scannow (note the space between sfc and the /). Scanning will take a few minutes.
  3. If SFC finds corrupted files and replaces them, restart your PC and check if the issue persists.


Just a heads-up that the SFC might take a while to finish. On my computer, it usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete. 

Let me know if that works!

Hello ! I can't believe I didn't answer at all, my apologies T_T Unfortunately, I couldn't play the game on my pc at all, it is too corrupt according to SFC buuuut ! I managed to emulate it on my phone instead, the experience won't be the same but it's better than no game at all
Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us, I can't wait for the next release :D


I am super excited to see it updated!

But only the title page updated? 

I just posted a new announcement! ♥♥♥ I hope you like the new update! i.i♥

Here's the link...


Ohhhh, side story. Fun. <3 

(1 edit) (+1)

This is so beautiful. I love the characters so much! Mandra is such a chaotic enigma, the moments with Mathias are so adorable. The mystery has gotten me hooked as well! Thank you for writing this!

Also that musical stand-off scene is p e r f e c t i o n <3

Ahhh thank you so much! ♥♥♥ I'm glad you enjoyed it. That scene is one of my favorites, btw xD ahahaha


Sorta not-so-low-key thinking about this nonstop since i played it last week. Wanted you to know.

  • What's your favorite character?

Near impossible question. Probably/definitely Mathias, although the writing makes it so easy to craft a realistic, likable player character. I have a bad habit of putting more into MCs than are probs supposed to be there, but in here it's more like I'm leaning into what is there instead, and i'm building onto it rather than having to go off the rails. Not sure if that makes sense, but know that i appreciate it. Also Mandra, not gonna say my favorite  (but not-not?), but so INTRIQUING. 

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

i've only done two plays so far, gonna do at least one more. Junius, my good little baby, just insecure about being a servant. And Idris, my bad baby, wtheck are they doing, in pain but kinda deserve it. Had to play Junius again after Idris, because i couldn't stand Mathias mad at me. Want to do a platonic one next, need to craft a best bro for my prince, he deserves it.

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

Honest i really LIKE it. Very story book, like i'm sitting just flipping through picture pages instead of burning my eyes on a screen. It's simple but stark, easy for my eyes to follow, not under or overwhelming. 

  • Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

Well, i'm not gonna say no? Having something at the end of each chapter is a treat so thanks for that. If you're talking about during the chapters, then i'm also not gonna say no, if there's a time when you think the colors would convey a feeling or atmosphere, then give me an impact, sledge-hammer me with feels. If that's not not what you were talking about then please ignore me. 


Awww! Thank you sooo much for playing and for leaving this comment! I'm so happy you're enjoying the game. ♥

You won't believe it, but YESTERDAY I was talking with a dev friend about the players' MCs in LtGBtK. I was really afraid that I hadn't given enough space for you all to create your own characters and to infuse them with their own personality... I really wanted to find a balance, you know? I don't want to give too much or too little? xD I want my players to feel really at home when playing, so I hope you still felt you had enough space to build your MCs! And Idris and Junius sound lovely auhieuaiueh ♥

In the next updates (we'll actually have an update this weekend with a lot more Mandra and Mathias + lore A_A♥), I'll try some stuff to make sure you all will have more opportunities to build your Dragon Commander.

I hope you'll like the next updates too! :) The colored sledgehammer-CG is a great idea, btw!

:* Ligia




*hugs* I'm so glad you like it so much ♥ ç-ç I'm working on more content for LTGBTK, we'll have an update soon! ♥♥♥

(1 edit) (+2)

very excited for more

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, just finished the first two chapters last night and wanted to comment to say I really like what you've got so far. I appreciate your concept of one RO with a focus on the MC's character development, and how our choices impact that relationship over time. Oftentimes in many games there is an emphasis on the many interesting side characters and love interests, and while the side characters here are interesting too, the MC has their own character arc. The black and white aesthetic is nice  too. That along with the depth of the MC gives me the feeling of  reading an interactive novel, with illustrations. Looking forward to reading the rest to the chapters and replaying again with different choices.


I absolutely adore this game! I was uncertain at first but so glad I decided to play this. I like all of the characters, but I am glad to be able to customise the MC. I enjoy the black and white aesthetic but I love the coloured CGs too! Perhaps having a coloured CG at the end of each chapter? It has a lovely, finishing touch to it. Can't wait for the rest of the chapters :))


I did not know I needed this game until I played it. I love the art style, the MC, and especially Mathis. I just finished chapter two and I don't think I could have said no to him if I tried, he is so lovely and sweet. 

This game is a treasure in the making and I can't wait to see how it turns out. 

I must have gone a different route than you because I got a different impression of Mathis ^^; I suspect he tends to mirror how you treat him, to an extent >.> Regardless, he told me exactly what I needed to hear, just in time for the current content to end and leave me dying to see how things turn out :P


Cool game (I think very few people will argue here.). To be honest, I'm even interested in translating this game into Russian.

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