New Content Coming!

Hello, mis amores!

Thank you all so much for your support. I'm ecstatic with the amazing response "Love the Guard, Be the King" is receiving! Knowing you're enjoying my game is a huge incentive to keep working on it. ♥

Aaand it was also the reason why I decided to write our first extra story. This story was my "vacation project" and follows your Dragon Commander on a very specific evening, five years before the story begins. Think of it as a "preparation" (more or less) for what's to come plus a way to deepen your understanding of the dynamic between you, Mathias, and Mandra.

The new sprites/menus are ready and the programming is done (your choices in this extra story will be saved and may impact the main story later on). Now I just need to finish writing and editing it, so hopefully, in a couple of weeks, you'll be experiencing it for yourselves. ;)

The main story is still in development, though. The third chapter will be the longest so far, and I want to make sure I'm taking into consideration all of your past choices, so it's going along a bit more slowly than I had anticipated. To make up for it, here's a sneak peek of what's to come in this Extra Story + Mathias's new sprite, showing what he looked like 5 years ago:

That's all for now. :3 Thoughts? Comments? Doubts? Send me them all! Ooor, if you prefer, you can always send your asks on tumblr 



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D'aww, younger Mathias is adorable! Seems like a bit of a brat too, which is why I can't help but have my in-every-sense dragon "Commander" 'school' him a little (I hope). Heh heh. >:)
Can't wait for the next update, and this side story! This is seriously one of the most charming VNs I've seen in a while. You really have a way of writing the characters and relationships so they're all thoroughly engaging, as well as creating a charismatic protagonist in our dragon commander that we can't help but like him. Also, no pressure! :D


aaahhhhh i can't wait for the update!


Gaaaah, I'm so excited! I was wondering how this project and your characters were doing! Thank you - really looking forward to experiencing this lovely story and art. Hope you are well! <3


I think about this game a lot, and have been thinking a lot about it recently, so it was a really joy to read this devlog. Thanks for keeping us updated, and thanks for writing an extra story – what a delightful surprise! I can't wait to read it, as well as Chapter 3 :)


Thanks for this great story! Take your time to do what you want, we'll be waiting. The extra story looks intriguing; I was really interested in seeing more of Mandra, so I'm glad hehehe


Thank you for the work put in the game. Hope you have a wonderful day !