July burns like a campfire (Devlog #004)

The original title for this was "July burns like a pyre." And while this was a very appropriate title, considering the kind of month I had, it was also a tad too morbid for what I wanted. :P haha This month was really hard on me for a handful of reasons. I don't want to mention everything here, but among some very hard professional rejections, some personal losses, some worrying, some anxiety, some adulting, etc (hehe), I finally put a name on something bad that happened to me for years, a long time ago. 

It's always good to confront the ghosts in your past, but it's also quite energy-consuming, eh? Unfortunately, I didn't have much energy left for much else after that, so I couldn't work on LtGBtK as much as I wanted... but I still have a lot of nice thingies to share with you. On to LtGBtK and better subjects! 

First of all, let me tell you I'm anxious. CH03 is the final setup before the ending of Book#1, on CH04, and I'm honestly nervous about what you'll think of it. CH03 is a lot more detailed than the other chapters, and it delves a lot into some of the things mentioned in the previous chapters. There's more about lore, about the characters' relationships, and many decisions to make, so I hope you're all ready for it. 8)

CH03 is also your last chance to change your relationship with Mathias and the other characters around you; after this one, the routes will be locked. 

Oh, and guess what? The first anniversary of LtGBtK is almost here! (September 06) I'm still considering what I wanna do to celebrate it it! How would you like us to celebrate? ♥ Maybe a couple of short stories? Maybe a portrait giveaway? Maybe a fun QA with our sweeties in the royal family? Something else? You tell me! From my part, I'll just do my best to have a nice update for you all by then. ;)

  • Bugs found;

This amazing Anon on tumblr reported a bug on The Seeker >> Servitude path. If you play that path, please check this one! :)

  • Updated to-do list:

+ + Sprites:

+ [ redacted ]'s sprites. (new character) OK  this one will be revealed today, lovesome. Scroll down if you wanna see her. ;)

+ Mandra's [ redacted ] sprites.  OK

+ Export and add into the game Mathias's [ redacted ] sprites. OK

+ Extra: Redo Mathias's base sprites.  OK

+ + Writing:

+ 7,5k/~18k (+2,5k)

+ + If possible:

+ Code the tooltip to tell the player why certain options are blocked; (This seems to be harder than I thought it would be, so I probably won't complete it to the next update).

+ Create a new Corridor BG to add variety;

  • Some of the things you might've missed from my ko-fi! 

You can support my career + find a lot of cool stuff there!

- A sample of the Artbook I'm slowly putting together,

- A sneak peek of CH03's colored illustration,

- Mathias and MC in a sexy vampire AU cause why the hell not.

- The new look of the main Menu.

- A collection of previews of the new sprites you'll see in the next chapter

- A short snippet from CH03 (which I can't link for some reason, so here's a ss)

And that's it, kids. All I have to do now is write. I'll do my best and work hard, I promise. :3

To thank you for your patience and support, here's Lady Melike's sprite AND the new version of Mathias's normal sprite. What do you think about them? ;) I LOVE Melike, and I hope you'll grow to like her in the next update! ♥ As a small reminder, you can (re)read her introduction here



A wet, noisy kiss to you all!

If you'd like to support me further, you can always share my game with your friends, leave comments, and check my ko-fi to read more about the game and donate if you can. If you just want to say Hi or if you have questions/concerns about the game, you can find me on Tumblr. If you wanna talk about translations or anything business-related, you can send an email to contact@ligianunes.com

Se you all soon!



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I love Melike's sprite!! I especially love her eyebrows, and her eyes.

As for what to do for LtGBtK's anniversary, everything you mentioned sounds fantastic. I'd love a couple of short stories, but really anything would be a treat!

Hope you have a wonderful August to make up for your bleaky July :)

Yeees, I'm so glad you liked her! Thank you so much for your kind words; you're a star, and I hope you'll enjoy the short stories I'm working on! ♥♥♥ *evil grin*


Ligia, life sometimes is extremely hard, so take your time to heal; we’ll be waiting!

I loooooved Melike’s looks, I was looking forward to see her! And Mathias is gorgeous as always.

About the anniversary,  the short stories sounds good to me ❤️

Thanks for the devlog and take care 😘

I'm so glad you liked Melike! I was excited to see what you all would think about her. I hope you'll like her in the game too. ♥ 

And thank you for your kind words, love! Your comments always brighten my day. ♥♥♥ Now I'm off to work on those short stories! hahaha


Ah yes, summer burns like that level in super mario where the sun is trying to kill you. >.>

But so much work done! So much life happening! We're very excited. :) 

hahahaha loved that! 100% agree a.a


Thank you for the effort put in this project ! Hope everything  will work for you and dont forget to take care of yourself!

Thank you! ♥♥♥ I will, promise. ♥


Aah! Everything sounds so exciting, I'm vibrating!

Also, congrats on facing that big ghost from your past. That isn't an easy task to do, and you should be extremely proud ❤ 

I hope life treats you well and that the arms of your loved ones comfort you 💕


Thank you so much, Lou! Yeah, it's always hard. ç-ç But you're a star; thank you for being always so sweet and supportive. I hope everything's okay there! ♥♥♥