I'm not weird. August is weird! (Devlog #005 + updated build)

Hi, everyone! Welcome to this month's devlog!

Things improved in these past two weeks, and while some parts of life are still *grimace* kinda weird, I'm sure they'll get even better in the next two. :3 Thank you all for your support and kindness. 

For this month's Devlog, I decided to follow the "show don't tell" shenanigan*** ((insert audience laugh here)) and wrapped up a small update that will NOT include CH03. LtGBtK has been getting more attention in the past few weeks, and since the 'visual upgrade' is ready, I wanted to share it with you all + to have a more presentable build when it's time to release CH03. :)

Also, September will be the 1st anniversary of LtGBtK, and I'm planning a lot of stuff to celebrate! One of them is a Q&A with the cast, so if you have any questions for any character, you can leave them here in the comments, on Ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/A354LPQ), or (in case you're shy), you can send me an anon ask on Tumblr (https://ligiawrites.tumblr.com/).

Mathias and the others will answer your questions in September, so ask whatever you want. ;))) If I receive a good amount of questions, I might try to go for something a little more interactive, but if not, we'll still have some laughs together, I hope! ♥

Now, for this small update, the changes are: 

  • Mathias's and Mandra's new sprites,
  • Minor edits to the final CG in CH02,
  • I fixed a lot of small bugs in the game's variables *wipes sweat from forehead*,
  • Edited typos and some weird sentences I found,
  • updated some elements in the UI,
  • replaced the "musical battle" song--I realized that the license I had for the original, unfortunately, didn't apply to this type of project. While I'm searching for a better alternative, I replaced it with a temporary song,
  • added sprites for Knight Valência, more expressions for Mercurio, and improved the code for sprites in general,
  • improved the flow from CH02 to the Extra Story,
  • adjusted the smooch scene with Mand in the Extra Story to better reflect The Destroyer archetype. 

So, for my To-do list:

  • + + Writing:
  • + 10.7k/~18k (+3,2k)

It's moving faster now, yay! :3

And finally, for all the people who sent me messages of love and support, thank you. ♥ Thank you to every one of you who shared/rated my game, left comments, and to those of you who supported me through itch or ko-fi. It means the world to me that you see the value in my work. ♥ You're all stars! 

Kisses to you all,


*** Just to be clear, as a writer, I'm not a "show don't tell" evangelist. xD Like all the "writing rules," this one has, IMO, many, many... many exceptions. XD hahaha


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Thank you for the detaliated work you put in this project !

Hope you are doing fine and dont forget to prioritize  youself!


I am! <3 Thank you for playing and for leaving this lovely comment ♥♥♥


Hi, Ligia! I’m glad things got slightly better! I hope that everything will be alright from now on. 

I’m super excited to see the changes! And for the celebration, of course. Time goes by so fast, it’s been a year already! 

Lastly, LtGBtK deserves much more attention; I hope people discover this amazing story!


Thank you so much, love! Hahaha yeah, time flies. It's really weird to think that I've posted this game so long ago. O-O 

Aww, thank you so much! <3 I hope that will come in time hahaha! In the meanwhile, I'll do my best to bring you all the best stories I can. <3