Nothing like [Februray] (Devlog #008)

Hello, lovesomes!

It's been a while. Yes, I'm a little late... but I brought news!

February was a good month around here, despite the few days I spent in bed thanks to a cold, blargh. How are you all? 

Nothing much to say right now, so I'll just share with you this cute lil list of things I worked on in February:

  • worked on Kastian's sprite (you can see a preview here and in this devlog's cover img too teehee)
  • worked on Mathias' character profile, which has a session of curiosities and a Q&A (I received TONS of questions already, but if you still wanna ask Mathias anything, you can ask me in itch, ko-fi, and Tumblr) ♥
  • fixed a ton of grammar mistakes and typos,
  • created a new CG for Part I, which will be added in the next update (you can see a preview here)
  • Wrote part of the next scene. Total Word Count right now: 58k

Plans for the future:

  • Create a new screen so the player can see what's their DC's main personality Archetype and main choices

Another thing I'm currently working on is my Ko-fi page. In February, I opened an exclusive writing prompt list for my subscribers, and it was a lot of fun! I'm now working on different subscription tiers with different rewards, but if you already want to support my dev career and help me develop LtGBtK, please have a look here! ;)

Some prompts you might be interested in: 

And that's it, everyone. I hope to see you soon with a lot more news and the next part of CH03!


A special thank you to all my ko-fi subscribers and supporters in February! ♥

★ Hyacinth  Meg Mishok  Tiff ★ The Gilded  Katie  And my mysterious Guest Supporter 

You are all stars! Thank you so much for believing in me and my work. :) ♥

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