What happened in [March] (Devlog #009)


This dev log will be sweet and short because you're equally sweet despite the various heights... ha-ha... er. Okay. *clears throat* Yeah, sorry.

All right! Quick update on life in general: things are definitely improving around here. I had a pretty good--although super rushed--month, and in the past week, I managed to write a lot, both for LtGBtK and for my books. Speaking of them, I'm this close to finishing my 7th book (the 2nd in the Anhang Series), which means I'll take 2 weeks off of book-writing in April and focus 100% on LtGBtK. That should bring us REALLY close to the next chapter update. Woohoo!

As for LtGBtK specifics, here are a few new things I finished in March:

  • New in-game menu;
  • Option to tag romance choices (so you won't choose/not choose them by accident);
  • Check your Archetype in-game;
  • Choose a portrait for your MC (still not implemented in the CGs, though--more about this below);

& Links you might've missed:

And here's a screenshot, so you'll see what the new in-game menu looks like. Yes! That's your DC there!

And that's it for now, people. I hope you're all healthy and safe wherever you are and that life has been treating you kindly.

A tight hug,


A special thank you to all my ko-fi members and supporters in March! ♥

★ Hyacinth ★ Meg ★  Tiff ★ The Gilded ★ Katie ★ 0ceanfloor / kiewi ★ Amy ★ Ashley8440 ★ Regina ★

You are all stars! Thank you so much for believing in me and my work. :) ♥

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Hey Ligia! Great to hear the game is making progress (and you write books as well as making the game? Talk about productive!). Most importantly, it's good to hear things are going a little better for you. :)
I gotta say, I'm kinda really psyched about our DC getting a portrait. Out of curiosity, how many portrait variations are we gonna be able to choose between for the DC, and does that allow us to choose their facial appearance and body type? I'm really loving these extra little details that make the game more unique and personalized.
Also, the menu is really cute! I love the fern/vine - looks like something Matti would wear. :D
Can't wait for the next update. Until then, please continue to look after yourself!


Hii, Erized! ♥ Aww, thank you soo much! I love reading your comments & feedback; you're a blessing. ♥ It's more about necessity than productivity, to be honest xD I don't think I could process life without my stories -_-' hahaha

AAA, I'm so glad! I'm as psyched as you are, then. I'm still not sure about how many portraits we'll have. It will depend on how many members will decide to ask for a portrait. For the facial appearance, here is the list of things I'm asking members to consider when asking for the portrait, so you'll see the kinds of details you can expect:

  • ♥ You can ask me to change the nose shape, jaw, and lips. 
  • ♥ For longer hair, I suggest braids or any hairdos that don't interfere in battle. *evil grin* >:3
  • ♥ Feel free to add piercings, marks, scars, or makeup;
  • ♥ As for things I can't change: clothing, character's pose, or expression.
  • ♥ Also, to keep the general theme of the Dragon Commanders, the character's eyes should be hidden, either by their hair or by accessories.

As for body type, I'm still thinking about "if" and "how" I can implement it. For now, that's on my backlog, so, on CH03, it'll be up to you to decide and imagine it in any way you want. :3

Btw, you have no idea HOW GLAD I am that you noticed the fern and its connection with Matt! 8D ♥