And now in the ashes of [ April ] (Devlog #010)

Hello, everyone!

I can't believe it's been a month already. April passed by as silver chloride washed away to make a photo. Wild, wild month. 

If you read my previous devlog, you know I was about to finish my book and claim two entire weeks for myself, to focus my writing time only on LtGBtK. Well... life happened, and I only finished my book yesterday, which means I'll NOW have two full weeks of all that. Cheers, lovesomes! 8))

The first thing I did was to go through some much-needed house-cleaning tasks:

  • Edited and improved some scenes from CH03-PT01
  • Brought a little more life to the secondary characters' sprites
  • Finished implementing Kastian's sprites into the game 
  • Finished a new BG for the servants' pathways.
  • Fleshed out the scene I'm working on.

My plan for the next two weeks is to leave _all_ the programming and the illustrating aside and focus _only_ on writing. By the end of May, I want to have most of CH03 ready, if not finished.

Things you might have missed:

  • Servants' pathways BG with a short sneak peek into the next chapter: link! (available to everyone)
  • [April's short story] Omen; Mandreis of the Submerged Lands (AU/in preparation for Mermay): link! (Available to supporters only)
  • A small preview of the Artbook's layout and some exclusive sketches of Master Curio and Dr. Filtchen: link! (available to members of "Mandra's Darling Rival" tier and above)

Thank you all so much for reading this devlog and for supporting me in this development journey! :3 I hope you'll enjoy the next chapter and all the new content I'm preparing for you. 

A special thank you to all my ko-fi members and supporters in April! ♥

★ AJendryke IF ★ Meg ★ justevie ★ Tiff ★ The Gilded ★ Katie ★ Makaliah Cuffee ★ Mersailia ★ Amy ★ Ried ★ AzureSoma ★ Estel ★

You are absolute stars! Thank you so, soo much for believing in me and my work. :) ♥

PS: I've been working on your exclusive in-game portraits, and I'm having SO much fun with them! There are still some portraits on my list, though, so you'll probably be hearing from me in the next few days. ♥

Kisses to you all,


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