Quick update! [May/June] (Devlog #011)

Hello, everyone!

I just noticed it's been a very long time since I last updated you all. Thank you so much for being patient with me! As you may have seen on my tumblr or ko-fi, I had quite a situation to deal with this past month, and I couldn't work that much on LtGBtK. Now that everything is more or less back on track, I'm coming back to the game with a rough date for the next chapter, yay! :)

What's new:

  • 02 new BGs,
  • 10 new base Player avatars
  • 63,5k words in total.

>> Also... the new chapter is coming! I intend to post it somewhere from late August to mid-September. Yay! 

As soon as I have the exact date, I'll let you all know! ;)))

Here are a few links you might have missed: 

And that's it for this devlog. Now I'll need to rush through my work for today, and then go back to packing my things, hehe. :P

I hope you're all safe and healthy wherever you are. If you have any questions or concerns, just post them in the comments, and I'll answer them asap ;))



A special thank you to all my amazing ko-fi members and supporters in May and June! ♥

★ AJendryke IF ★ Meg ★ justevie ★ Tiff ★ The Gilded ★ Katie ★ Mersailia ★ Amy ★ Ried ★ AzureSoma ★ Jeya ★ Amy ★

Thank you for helping me fight for my dream career! I know I haven't been posting much, but I promise I'll change that very soon. I have plenty of plans for the next weeks. >8)

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Thanks for the news! I'm glad the project is moving forward and sorry for your troubles :( Despite the months that go by I'm still happy to play it again! You are really talented


ooo player avatars?