New Chapter Update!

Hello, everyone,

Thank you all so much for your support! I still couldn't answer your comments in my previous post, but they definitely warmed my heart this winter. ♥♥♥ You're all amazing.

Now, this will be a super-quick post just to say that... the new chapter update is here! Yaay!

In this update, you will:

  • Meet the Safiran Dragon Commander, Kastian of Inara
  • Meet Melike, the third Yvanson sibling.
  • Create your Dragon Commander with the new Character Creator.
  • Roam the entrails of the Castle with Master Mercúrio
  • Meet one of your Knight squads and choose how to deal with them.
  • Make choices that might impact the Blooming.

I hope you'll enjoy this update! As I mentioned in my previous post, I'll do my best to start posting devlogs again in January, so we'll talk soon. Also, like I'm doing for my supporters on ko-fi, I'll try to release more constant updates for you all. ♥♥♥ And if you find any bugs or typos, or if you have any feedback for me, you can send me a message here on itch, ko-fi, or Tumblr

And if you enjoy my work and would like to support my writing career, please consider checking my ko-fi and my books on Wattpad. ♥♥♥

Kisses, hugs, and Happy Holidays, everyone!


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I just opened the game to play the new update and I literally couldn't bring myself to leave the menu screen without listening to the music XD

Every single detail of this game is so beautiful, thank you for sharing!!


Sorry for all the posts, but I have an additional question. Seeing as we could flirt with him, will we be able to romance Kastian in future, and if so, will it be possible to romance him without it being a poly with Melike? I like the loaded rivalry that seems to be starting between the two dragon commanders, and would love to explore a romance with Kastian (alone) in one of my playthroughs.
I understand if that won't be a possibility, but thought I'd ask anyway. :)


Hiii Erized! Oh, don't worry. You know I love all your comments! hehe And a special thank you for the bug reports; I'm already investigating them. ;)) Speaking of, if you happen to see the quick save bug again, could you take a screenshot and send it to me so I can take a look? I've been trying to replicate it here but with no luck. :(

As for Kas, I'm so happy you liked his dynamic with DC so much! ^^ To be honest I hadn't thought about about a mono relationship with him just because of how attached he is to Mel, but it's definitely something I'll consider. :) Their romance routes are still a bit far on the horizon, so there's still time to make and change plans. ^^ I'll do my best to add it if I can! ♥

(1 edit)

Okay, the error I get when trying to quicksave says this (from traceback.txt file). If you need more info late me know.

And I've put together this image showing how the DC's image changes. The top and left-most images are what I designed my DC as. After choosing the 'it disgusts me' option when Matt is playing violin (that's the path I'm on - disciplinarian/"little demon" path), in the save menu it gives me the middle picture (not sure if it's because of that?). But if I reload a save game at any point after that, the load/save menu will only ever show the one on the right, who seems to have the more perky/pointy nose from the character creator. It never shows the original image again. I've pretty much only been choosing the last/discipline choices. Not sure if this is intentional? Thought I'd mention it though! :)

And a last quick word on Kastian.
First thanks for being so sweet in considering my idea about a Kas romance - I hope you know what you're doing in giving me hope. LOL. I mean, y'know I love Matt (and Mandra too, if you recall that whole essay I wrote a while back lol), but damn, when we got introduced to Kastian and there was that moment in front of the door if you flirt to get out of it... lol. Yeah, I'll admit I may have sorta sat forward in my seat, grinned like an idiot and promptly forgot all about Matt for the duration, while jumping way ahead of myself and imagining all sorts of filthy delicious scenarios in Kas and my (male) DC's future. LOL.

Don't get me wrong, I like Melike (she's dead cute, and I hope we can foster our relationship with her in future) and I respect the preference for those who want & enjoy poly romances, but the potential power-play rivalry between two proud Dragon Commanders trying to get the upper hand on one another? that is an entirely different dynamic from the poly. A very juicy dynamic! Let's just say it appeals to my disciplinarian DC who doesn't get challenged much. I mean, when Mattias does it it doesn't count cos by his rank he can force the DC to do whatever he wants, technically. At times Matt may long for the direction a disciplinarian DC gives, but Matt is ALWAYS the one with all the power in the end, and they both know it. Kastian? Well.. he probably could (and will) do something considering his connections and (literal) power, but with his having gone through some shit, knowing disgrace, and carrying the scars of that, plus both wary of causing diplomatic incident, and this being our DC's home, the two feel a little more on even-footing. Their marked difference in status (noble and "commoner") just adds friction and flavor to the situation.

Plus our DC doesn't give a crap about the fact Kas is a prince nor do they treat him like everyone else seems to, which means Kas doesn't need to keep up appearances when they're alone. Though I can see both of them abusing their position or the situation at some point, maybe several points, to keep things interesting in this... what starts out as a game... between them.

The way I see it, the sexual aspect, and later romance, is part and parcel with the challenge they feel and vulnerability they both hide, and begin to recognise aspects of themselves in each other. At times they might want to absolutely destroy each other, and neither has to say a word because they both understand the desperate need for an outlet from the inner frustration, etc. At times that might happen between the sheets (hehe). In any case, it's not something others around them can understand in the same way, perhaps. Just like Mandra and our DC have that special connection caused by both having been abused by the king and wanting to protect each other back then (a part of the story I absolutely adore) - Mattias can't understand it no matter how much he may want to. In the same way Mattias couldn't truly understand why his bringing DC back during what was meant to be his redemption, was so deeply scarring for our DC, and apologies just don't cut it somehow.

There's a real chance for Kas and our DC, as proud warriors in positions of real expectation, to truly open up to each other about their hurt, shame and desire for true redemption (in the eyes of the world, and to forgive themselves), way down the track.

Phew! Sorry about this "last quick word"-turned-essay! lol. Your characters, as always, inspire. :)

Anyway, I hope things are going well for you in the real world, that you're in good health and the writing is flowing smoothly these days? As always, here's wishing you good luck and good writing! :)

(1 edit)

Just noticed a bug. After choosing my dragon commanders appearance in game, a short time later his appearance on the save menu is changed from what I chose - he has a different nose & different jawline. Not sure why this happened?

EDIT: I tried restarting the game twice, thinking it may have been due to a rollback error I got the first time through, and the same problem happens - MC's features change to different ones.


I love this game so much. I know this is horrible, but when can we expect the next chapter? Lol it has me on the edge of my seat! 

I'm so excited, I'm like, legit tearing up. I am not okay lol


YAY! One of the few games I actually check up on and wait for, it's that good! Can't wait to see what this new update brings. ❤❤

I can't wait to play it! 😍


Omg so excited! How have you been? Glad to see the project is still going